How to Stop a Smoke Alarm from Beeping

If a smoke alarm is keeping you up at night with incessant chirping, silence the noise with a combination of troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. You should be able to stop a smoke alarm from beeping, ensure that it's working and restore your sanity ... all at the same time.

Your smoke alarm shouldn't be chirping.

Repeated, single chirps from an electric smoke alarm lets you know the battery backup is failing, so change the battery. If you change the battery and still hear chirping, make sure you installed the battery correctly.

If the smoke alarm still beeps after you change the battery, hold down the test button to reset the alarm and clear the battery failure from its memory.

Use a vacuum attachment or a can of compressed air to blow away any dust or dead insects from the fire alarm sensor. Vacuuming twice a year clears away spiderwebs or dust that can cause smoke alarm chirping.

Adjust the temperature of your home if your smoke detector is chirping at regular intervals, but only at certain times. Your smoke alarm may chirp if it thinks your house is too hot or too cold.