Intermittent Beeping in CPI Security Systems

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Understanding the reasons for your security system's beeps helps you react appropriately to different situations.
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CPI security systems use a variety of sounds to communicate the status of a system function and security breaches. In many cases, the communication is via one or more beeps that go off in a short burst or series immediately, continuously or intermittently until manually turned off. Learning the reasons for these beeps helps you understand and react appropriately to different situations.


System Trouble Beeps

A CPI security system automatically performs tests on a regular basis to check for issues that can interfere with the system working correctly and alerts you to any problems with a beeping sound. Issues that can result in this beeping include low batteries, main power failures and malfunctions. If you turn off the sound without fixing the problem, the beeps will usually start again within hours of the original beeping. Typically, trouble beeps are accompanied by a message or icon on the system display.


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Panic Alarm Beeps

When you initiate a panic alarm through a CPI security system to alert the CPI Central Monitoring Station and emergency services to a problem at your home or office, the system produces a sound onsite acknowledging the alarm. For example, on CPI R2/S1 security systems, rapid beeps indicate a medical emergency and three beeps in a series indicate a fire alarm.


Door and Window Chime Beeps

Some CPI security systems have an optional setting that alerts users when someone opens or closes a door or window when the system isn't armed. Depending on the model, this alert sounds like a chime, voice recording, siren, beeps or a combination of sounds. Because your home security system can beep for other reasons, a beep-style door or window chime can cause confusion if a door or window is opened a lot throughout the day.


Entry/Exit Delay Beeps

CPI security systems also have an optional delay setting to give you more time to disarm the system upon entry, or to leave after arming it. During the delay, the systems alerts you with a beep or other sound to remind you of the delay. When you enter your home or office, the system beeps until you enter your code to disarm the system. When you set the alarm, the beeps begin and gradually speed up to alert you regarding the amount of time you have left to exit before the system arms.


Intruder Alarm Beeps

When you have the security system armed and someone enters your home or office without permission, the system alerts you to this when you return; typically, the alert is a series of beeps. CPI Security Systems recommends you use extreme caution when you're in this situation if you do not know who has entered the premises, as the intruder may still be in your home or office.


Message Notification Beeps

From time to time the CPI Central Monitoring Station sends messages to customers through their CPI security systems via the displays. When a message arrives, the CPI security system usually alerts you that it's waiting with beeps or some other sound.



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