How to Use OxiClean as a Dishwasher Soap

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A powerful cleaning booster, OxiClean serves as a way to brighten whites, remove stains and do so without fading colored clothing when used as a laundry soap. You can also use OxiClean to clean other parts of your home. For example, OxiClean can be used as a dishwasher soap, as it offers oxygenated cleaning power to the already powerful steam and heat cleaning powers of a dishwasher. Using OxiClean as a dishwasher soap isn't a complicated endeavor, and it aids in getting your dishes sparkling clean when used in conjunction with your normal dishwasher soap.


Step 1

Add the scoop of OxiClean to the soap receptacle located inside of your dishwasher.


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Step 2

Add the scoop of your ordinary dishwasher soap on top of the layer of OxiClean in the receptacle. Using half your normal soap and half OxiClean, gets your dishes clean and sparkling.


Step 3

Close the dishwasher soap receptacle and close the dishwasher. Adjust the settings on the dials to where you need them, depending on the type of load you are washing. The process is really just this simple, and it allows you to keep your dishes spot-free and clean with adding the boost of OxiClean.



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