How to Troubleshoot a GE Security Concord 4 and Turn Off Keypad Beeps

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Security systems use a main keypad to send alarm signals.
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GE Security Concord 4 is a home security system with a wired siren, motion detectors, smoke and gas detectors, door and window contact sensors, glass break detectors and wireless keypads or key chain remotes. The security system utilizes more than 96 sensors that are positioned in the home and transmit a signal to a central computer with a hardwired keypad connected to a phone line. The main control panel will emit beeps and display an alarm code when the sensors detect an intruder or a fire. It can also beep when a false alarm is sent to the panel by a malfunctioning sensor. Troubleshoot your GE Security Concord 4 and stop the beeping alarm system.


Step 1

Enter your four-digit user code to turn off the beeping alarm on the keypad.

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Step 2

Press the asterisk key on the GE Security Concord 4 keypad twice to get to the system status report. The beeping will be different for each arming setting level. Read the status code on the display of the GE Security Concord 4 to determine what caused the security alarm to beep. Look up the status code in the GE Concord 4 Security System Manual (see Resources) to determine what caused the beeps and fix the problem, as there may be a low battery in the sensors that need to be replaced or an open door that someone forgot to shut.


Step 3

Turn off the alarm beeps setting by selecting the menu and going to "Immediate Beeps OFF/ON." Push the 2 key to turn it off. The display will flash the number 2. Push the # key and the new setting will display on the alarm.

Step 4

Turn off the status beeps on the security alarm system by selecting the menu and going to "Disable TR BEEPS OFF/ON." Press 1 to turn off the beeps. The display will flash to indicate that you turned off the trouble beeps. Push the # key to get the trouble beeps setting to display and double-check that they have been turned off.

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