How to Troubleshoot Problems on the DSC Home Security System

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Troubleshoot Problems on the DSC Home Security System

You are concerned with the security of your home and the safety of your family. You invested in a DSC Home Security System because the company has been in business for over 30 years and has a reputation for manufacturing trustworthy systems. You rely on the electronic system to keep intruders from entering your home, so if your system is not working as expected, you do not feel protected. Troubleshooting the problem might save you the trouble of a service call.


Step 1

Press the pound key (#) to stop the security system from repeatedly beeping. Check to see if the "System" or "Trouble" light is illuminated.

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Step 2

Press the star key (*) and then press the number 2 key. See if a number is displayed on the screen or if a zone number is illuminated.


Step 3

Change the battery per the panel's instruction manual if a number 1 appears on the display or the 1 zone is illuminated. If 2 is illuminated or appears on the display, the system does not have electrical power. Check your home's electricity and breakers.

Step 4

Check the home phone lines for a dial tone if 3 or 4 is lit up or displayed. These are both indicators of an interruption in the phone line connected to the system. If you have recently changed to cable telephone or have had DSL installed, contact your security company for assistance. The company may need to install a filter or update your settings.

Step 5

Change batteries in any wireless security devices, such as motion detectors or other sensors, if any other number is displayed or illuminated.

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