Honeywell Visionpro 8000 Troubleshooting

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Checking the batteries is one troubleshooting step.

The Honeywell VisionPro 8000 is a programmable thermostat with touch-screen controls. The thermostat can be set to automatically run to reach desired temperatures according to the programmed schedule. The program can be overridden at any time to manually adjust the temperature. Perform diagnostic troubleshooting steps when problems arise to identify possible causes of a problem. Complete the troubleshooting process to resolve the problem after it has been identified.


Step 1

Check the circuit breakers if the thermostat display is blank. Reset any tripped circuits.

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Step 2

Make sure the furnace door is completely closed if the thermostat has a blank display. The unit will not operate if the furnace door is open.

Step 3

Replace the three AAA batteries if the "LO BATT" warning is flashing on the display.


Step 4

Make sure the screen is unlocked if the control keys are unresponsive. Press and hold the center key until the display changes. Press the up and down arrows on the left side until function "0670" appears. Press the up and down arrows on the right side until "0" appears, indicating that the screen is unlocked. Press "Done."

Step 5

Check the "System" settings if the heating or cooling system does not respond. Press "System" to change it to either "Heat" or "Cool."

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