My Samsung Washing Machine Is Locked Up

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Some Samsung washing machines include high-tech features such as a vibration reduction technology, steam cleaning and a variety of special wash cycles and options that include a specific cleaning foam created from high-efficiency detergent, water and air. The washing machines also have an electronic display and control panel to select cycles, options and monitor the washer operation. Given all these features, it may not come as a surprise that problems may occasionally arise, including a washer that suddenly seems to be locked up.


Child Lock

One of the most likely reasons why the Samsung washing machine may have power but not operate is if the child lock has been activated. This feature is meant to prevent children or other non-authorized users from operating or accessing the machine. To deactivate the lock, push and hold the "Spin" and "Soil Level" buttons for six seconds. The "Child Lock" light will go out. To reactive the child lock, press and hold the "Signal" and "Soil Level" buttons for three seconds. The "Child Lock" light illuminates.


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Basic Operation

When the washing machine does not operate and the "Child Lock" light is not illuminated, there may be other reasons for the washer to be non-operational. Make sure the door is closed completely, because the washer will not operate with the door open. Press the "Start/Pause" button after selecting the wash cycle to activate the washing machine.


Power Outage

When a power outage has occurred, the washing machine may be locked as a result even when power is restored. Check the fuse or circuit breakers and replace or reset as necessary. Look to make sure the power cord is plugged in as well.

Door Locked

During the entire wash cycle, the Samsung washing machine locks the door to prevent it from being opened and interrupting or stopping the cycle. If the door remains locked when the cycle is finished, push "Start/Pause" to clear the lock. It may take a few minutes for the washing machine to cool down and for the lock to release.



It may be necessary to reset the washing machine, particularly if the error codes "LO," "dL" or "dS" appear during or after the wash cycle and the unit will not operate. Push the door closed firmly and press "Power" to turn off the washing machine. Disconnect power to the unit for 10 seconds and then restore power and press "Power" to reset.



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