How to Reset an ADT Home Alarm

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Your ADT security system defends your home and deters crime by alerting you to any intrusions. The safety and peace of mind provided by a home security system are invaluable, but that peace can easily be disturbed by a blaring alarm if you've forgotten how to turn it off. Resetting an ADT alarm is easily accomplished, though.


ADT offers more than 50 comprehensive home security options from different manufacturers. While the basic functions are similar, each model will have some variation. Remember to consult your owner's manual for the most detailed instructions.

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Reset an ADT Home Alarm System

To quiet an ADT alarm that has been triggered, most models, including those manufactured by VISTA and ADEMCO, will have the same process. First, input the four-digit master code that was assigned to you at installation. Then, press the "off" key, which is represented by the numeral 1. This should quiet the alarm.


Follow all safety precautions if you come home and your burglary alarm is sounding. Make sure to call the police before entering the premises.

Disarm an ADT Alarm System

If the alarm isn't going off and you would simply like to reset your ADT alarm so it's disarmed, you'll need the master code. The process is the same as silencing the alarm. Press the four-digit master code followed by the "off" key. One beep will emit from the keypad, signifying that you have successfully disarmed the alarm system.


Troubleshooting an ADT Alarm System

Your home security system likely has many features, such as motion detectors, window sensors, and outdoor security cameras, to comprehensively safeguard your home.

When there's a vulnerability in your security system — for example, if the alarm can't function properly in one of the zones you have programmed — your ADT alarm will let you know with rapid, continuous beeping and the word "check" on your security screen. This is annoying and may cause you to want to reset your ADT alarm system, but it's meant to get your attention to make sure there are no defenseless pockets in your home.


If the keypad screen displays "CHECK + Zone Descriptor," then your first step is to check the designated zone to make sure that all detectors in that zone are properly placed and haven't been bumped or jostled out of position. Make sure that furniture isn't blocking any wireless detector connections. Correcting the detector position should cause the beeping to stop and the check message to go away.



Contacting ADT to Reset an Alarm

If the check message persists, then you can silence the beeping by pressing your master code and the "off" key. A check message that keeps popping back up could indicate an internal wiring issue that requires professional attention. Call ADT immediately to ensure your security system isn't faulty.


Maybe you've forgotten your master code, making resetting your ADT alarm system impossible, or perhaps your security system is glitching and you need ADT to fix it right away. There are several ways to find a solution to your problem.

You may be able to resolve your issue by taking a look at your model-specific user manual. For help with testing your alarm or reactivating an alarm after you have moved, try logging into your account at Look under the "My Alarm" tab and "Systems Management" to locate the options for your alarm system. Contact customer service at (800) 587–4198 to discuss how to reset your ADT alarm.



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