How to Operate a Wireless Keychain Remote for ADT

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ADT security systems come with a wide variety of features that can be tailored, depending on the needs of your home. Some ADT security systems come with a wireless keychain remote that you use to arm and disarm your security system. Operating a wireless keychain for your home security system is a lot like using a car key fob to lock and unlock the doors on your car, making it easy to control the system without going to the main panel every time.


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The Basics of Home Security

Most ADT security systems come with a main control panel as part of the system that's installed on a wall in your home. This control panel allows you to arm and disarm the system and call the police and fire department by pressing a button. The control panel is connected through your home's phone line or over a cellular or broadband connection. When you leave the house you enter your password to arm the system. If the house is entered or broken into without disarming the system by entering the code, an alarm will sound and emergency services will be contacted.


Bypassing the Control Panel

The ADT wireless keychain remote lets you bypass the control panel to arm and disarm the system. You'll have four options to choose from, arming the system when you're at home, arming the system when you're away, disarming the system and a panic button. Since most control panels are installed inside of the home, a wireless keychain remote allows you to disarm the system before you enter, replacing the need to enter a password on your control panel whenever you come home


Arming the System

There are a few different types of ADT key fobs, so the buttons might look slightly different or appear in a different arrangement. They generally have the same buttons and functionality, though. Refer to the user's manual for more details on your specific remote model.


One button on the wireless keychain allows you to arm the your security system while you are still inside and don't plan to be away from home. It's useful for times when you are inside the house and don't plan on opening any doors or windows, like when you're going to sleep at night. The button might say "stay" or use a shield symbol on it.

The second button is the Away button, which allows you to arm the system if you plan to leave the house and want it protected while you are gone. It might say "stay" or have a different symbol on the button. You can disarm your system at anytime by clicking the button that says "disarm" or shows the disarm symbol. Your control panel should indicate whenever the system has been armed or disarmed with a vocal announcement. Some models use a certain number of beeps or lights on the keychain remote to signal that it's armed or disarmed.


The Panic Button

Your ADT wireless keychain comes with a panic button that's usually highlighted in red. The panic button sounds the alarm and automatically dispatches the authorities whenever it's pressed. The panic button can be helpful if you are in an emergency situation and aren't in range of your control panel. Make sure everyone who uses the remote understands what the panic button does to avoid using it when it's not necessary.


Using Keychain Remotes

You can order multiple wireless keychain remotes directly from ADT or your local security company for every person in your home. The remotes will be programmed to only work the security system in your home. They often use coin batteries, which might need to be replaced occasionally.



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