15 Front Door Colors That Go With a Gray House Exterior

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In addition to boosting curb appeal, a home's exterior color palette lets the outside world know a bit about whoever lives there. And while you might not want to paint your entire home an unconventional color, the front door is the perfect piece of real estate to infuse your unique sense of style and personality.


Gray exteriors act as a neutral backdrop — with a little more flair than white or beige — to flaunt a one-of-a-kind doorway. The versatile color makes selecting your palette a breeze, especially since gray is available in a huge range of shades, and several undertones, which can dramatically alter the appearance of your home. Cool grays have blue, violet, and green undertones while warmer grays have more of a brown, yellow, or red tint to them. When selecting a shade for your front door that will pair with a gray exterior, be mindful of these color variations.

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Video of the Day

Whether your home is modern, traditional, or farmhouse-inspired, you can't go wrong with gray siding. Plus, the neutral choice means that you can experiment with a bolder color on your front door and it won't feel overbearing. Ready to give the front of your home a colorful makeover? Scroll on for a handful of hues that are guaranteed to welcome you home in style.

15 Front Door Colors That Go With a Gray Exterior

1. Robin's Egg Blue

Shades of gray with strong brown undertones look ideal in natural settings surrounded by trees, where they can blend in seamlessly with the environment. Throw in a pastel shade of blue for an unexpected but welcome pop of color. Nickey Kehoe used the same deep brown-gray paint color for the walls and trim of this craftsman-style house, allowing the robin's egg blue front door to be the only statement-making architectural feature.


Get the look:Farrow and Ball Blue Ground

2. Canary Yellow

A vibrant front door color isn't for everyone, but if you have the guts to stand out from your neighbors, it's hard to beat the cheer of a canary yellow entry. For example, Amy Sklar paired this home's cool gray exterior with a brilliant shade of yellow to belie the traditional architecture and perk up the overall palette. Mission accomplished.



Get the look:Benjamin Moore Sunshine

3. Blue

Gray shingle home exteriors are a staple in many parts of the east coast. Amp up their inherent nautical vibe by pairing weathered gray siding with blue accents — the ideal complement for a laid-back coastal locale. This beach-inspired beauty by Blakely Interior Design showcases a saturated blue, glass-paned front door that offers a sneak peek at the ocean that sits beyond the backyard. Blue shutters and white trim continue the beach house theme as well as add interest and depth.


"Gray is an elegant shade that has enjoyed a lot of attention. Because gray is so neutral and has a lot of versatility, ​y​ou can accent it with any color you please. Gray with white trim is a classy exterior color scheme that works on a wide variety of homes. When paired with a front door painted with a pop of blue color, it embodies traditional charm that is timeless," says Ashley Banbury, senior color designer of Dutch Boy® Paints.


Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Azure Tide

4. Black

If you really want a timeless and elevated look, a black front door is definitely the right way to go. While gray exteriors are commonly paired with white or cream accents, opting for an ebony entrance instead will add loads of drama without tons of contrast. A series of vertically stacked windows and a white door frame enhance the modern vibe of this home and provide a visual break from the dark exterior.



Get the look:Glidden Black Magic

5. Blush Pink

Blush pink is a surprisingly neutral hue that looks sophisticated and makes a statement without being visually overwhelming. It's the perfect addition to a gray exterior as proven by this design from Kelsey Leigh. Here, warm gray siding is softened by a pale pink front door. And to make it pop just a bit more, they painted the frame in a crisp shade of white which adds definition and brightness. Layered doormats, a pair of ferns, and a copper light fixture complete the charming scene.


Get the look:Farrow and Ball Pink Drab

6. Fuchsia

It's hard to dispute the charm and personality of a vibrant fuchsia front door. Pairing it with a gray exterior as Tessie Fey did with her own home tempers its impact, without making it any less noticeable or joyful. Lime green planters filled with sweet daisies enhance the cheery vibe.


Get the look:Benjamin Moore Raspberry Mousse


7. Natural Wood

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Natural wood front doors add warmth and an organic note to exteriors, making them ideal with gray siding, which runs the risk of looking cold and uninviting. The unadorned door on this modern home sports clean lines and black hardware to enhance the no-frills architecture. A board-formed concrete wall mimics the horizontal lines of the home.


"When selecting a wood stain for the front door, opposites attract. For homes with a gray exterior, use a dark, warm brown to accent the front door and enhance curb appeal. Like the interior, the door's natural wood grain becomes an added design element. Pairing a deep and rich brown (like Minwax Gelstain Coffee) with a light gray exterior softens the house's overall style and adds a luxurious touch. And when staining the front door, don't forget to finish with a clear sealer to [make] the color last longer," says Sue Kim, director of color marketing for Minwax.

Get the look:Minwax Aged Oak

8. Orange

An orange front door is about as welcoming and warm as they come. Juxtaposing the inviting shade with a cool gray exterior creates balance — toning down the brightness — for an overall pleasing autumnal palette. This house spotted on B. Jane Gardens displays how the unconventional shade can actually look surprisingly timeless, especially when it's framed by lush greenery.


Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Raucous Orange

9. White

Looking to dip your toe into the world of color, but not quite ready to make a bold statement? In that case, opt for an enduring combo (such as gray and white) that will stand the test of time. It's a high-contrast look that wears well on virtually any style of home, from traditional to contemporary to more ornate styles like Victorian or craftsman. A neutral backdrop like this one spotted on The Home Depot also maximizes landscaping possibilities because it will allow plants and decor to take center stage.

Get the look:Benjamin Moore Ultra White

10. Sage Green

A cool shade of green such as sage automatically evokes a sense of calm wherever it goes, including the front door. Follow the lead of this charming doorway by Kelly Nut Design and pair it with a gray exterior. Just make sure to avoid shades of gray with green undertones or the look will fall flat. Complete the look with crisp white accents and verdant foliage.

Get the look:Farrow and Ball Teresa's Green

11. Olive Green

Just a splash of green can bring a gray facade to life as witnessed with this dreamy exterior by Danielle Robin. The olive green front door color has warm undertones that complement the warmth of the charcoal gray siding, so they don't clash. A pair of green Adirondack chairs and a potted tree enhance the color scheme and add to the peaceful front porch setup. If you opt for this pairing, consider the saturation and undertones of each color.

Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Dill

12. Red

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

There's no disputing the fact that coating a front door in red makes quite a visual statement. The bold color has long been a symbol for prosperity and positivity, and according to the principles of Feng Shui, a red door invites wealth. While a red door adorning a white home is a classic pairing, pairing one with a charcoal gray exterior introduces a playful vibe.

Get the look:Benjamin Moore Red

13. Purple

A barely-there shade of gray makes an elegant companion to purple. While admittedly it's a risky duo for a home's exterior, selecting a more muted shade for the siding can tone down the regal hue, resulting in a finish that's timeless and sophisticated. We love the color combination showcased on this design by Glenn Layton Homes — plus, the wood decking warms up the scheme beautifully.

Get the look:Benjamin Moore Scandinavian Blue

14. Aqua

If you really want to punch up your home's gray exterior, consider a surprising shade of aqua for the front door, like the one spotted on Decorated Life. The high-energy hue will emit summer vacay vibes all year long, which is particularly welcome in tropical locations.

Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Calypso

15. Navy Blue

Minimize contrast by pairing a dark gray house with a navy blue door. You can create an almost monochrome look by opting for charcoal siding, which will introduce subtle color variation. This home spotted on Miller Paint pairs a warm gray shade on the exterior walls with a dark blue hue on the door. The crisp white frame separates the two and makes the slight difference look purposeful.

Get the look:Miller Paint Day Spa

What Color Door Goes With a Gray House?

Gray home exteriors are a neutral color alternative to more ubiquitous shades of white while being equally versatile. Inject personality and interest to your exterior by pairing the classic color with just about any other hue, ranging from vibrant red to jewel tones like navy or purple. If you prefer something a bit more timeless, gray looks sophisticated next to white and black. Before you make your final decision, make note of relevant factors such as the amount of light your doorway receives, the undertones present in your gray siding, and any other existing accent colors. Now you're ready to finalize your exterior color palette.

To recap, here are the best front door colors to pair with a gray house:

  • Robin's egg blue
  • Canary yellow
  • Azure blue
  • Black
  • Blush pink
  • Fuchsia
  • Natural wood
  • Orange
  • White
  • Sage green
  • Olive green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Aqua
  • Navy blue