These IKEA Hacks Are Most Likely to Succeed

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These IKEA Hacks Are Most Likely to Succeed
Wood stool with rope next to clear vase with plant

We trust by now, dear reader of the Internet, that you are well aware of the phenomenon known as the IKEA hack — when a simple, affordable IKEA item gets a major, or minor, makeover. At Hunker, we love these hacks because they marry two things we love: the simplicity of Scandinavian design and DIYs. Need proof? Check out these roundups we put together on the Besta cabinet, the Billy bookcase, the Kura bed, the Pax unit, the Tarva dresser, the Lack table, the Bekvam stool, the Raskog cart, and Malm storage.


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However, while we personally could scroll for days in search of the very best IKEA hacks, we realize that some people could get lost. And quite frankly, there are some designs that stand out above the rest. So, we bring to you the All-Stars, the Pinterest darlings, the top 10 IKEA hacks to try ...

1. Transform the humble Tarva dresser into a gorgeous bedroom piece.

White wood dresser with plant on wood floor

2. Turn the Mackapär shoe cabinet into a storage cabinet decorated with dowels. (Because dowels are a DIY darling.)

White dresser with wooden dowel pattern with plants

3. Use an Ivar end panel to make a cane headboard that everyone seems to be pinning on Pinterest.

White bedding with assorted pillows and cane headboard in white room with plant and wood shelving

4. Paint a cute animal face on the Flisat stool for a sweet baby shower gift.

Kid's wood stool with painted cartoon fox face

5. Make everyone wonder where you got your amazing living room piece when you add cane to an Ivar cabinet.


Plywood cabinet with cane paneling in a white room with vined potted plant resting on top of cabinet

6. Cozy up the popular Kura bed with some simple tweaks that kids will go crazy over.

a kura bed frame that has been hacked by adding curtains and bunting and decorating surfaces with wallpaper

7. Add a pop of color to the Vittsjo shelf using chalk spray paint. (One of the easiest DIYs you can do.)

Image Credit: Sara Albers for Hunker

8. Wrap the Ypperlig stool with macrame cord and bring a touch of texture to any room.

Wood stool with rope next to clear vase with plant

9. Create a vertical modern garden using Luröy bed slats.

10. Help the Gladom side table go glam using marble contact paper.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins for Hunker


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