11 Fun Ways to Hack the IKEA Bekvam Stool

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Lots of people like to think of IKEA's Bekvam stool ($19.99) as a blank canvas— its raw birch structure makes it so easy to paint. Let's take a look at how people hack the Bekvam — from ideas that are purely aesthetic to changes that shift the functionality of the piece.


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1. Give it a coat of Yves Klein-like blue for a high-design touch.

2. Add twine to the sides and a padded box to the top and voilà: cat paradise.

3. By adding plywood backings, you can create a cat station that's a bit more minimalist.

4. Paint the bottom half black for a decidedly modern aesthetic.

5. Create your own chess set!

6. A neon pink coat of paint on the top is a nice, feminine touch.

7. Give the Bekvam some texture by adding a tufted top.

8. Use the Bekvam as a base to create a kid-safe learning tower.

Full DIY here.

9. Wow: This paint job makes the Bekvam look like a traditional Scandi antique.

10. Use tape or stencils to create a geometric design.

11. For a musically inclined kiddo, try this piano motif.