10 Clever Ways to Hack IKEA's Malm Series

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IKEA's Malm series has been around for ages, probably because it's so basic, it can work in any room without making a huge statement. The line includes a bed, but the focus is really on storage — from nightstands to dressers — all in that signature, blocky style. Of course, you don't have to rock a bland Malm. See how people transform the pieces into truly unique creations:


Video of the Day

1. Match your Malm to your walls.

With a coat of blue paint that matches the walls, plus some leather tab pulls, this DIYer created a true design moment.

2. Add overlays.

You can get them at O'verlays.


3. Get glitzy.

Add some Hollywood glam with some gold tape attached to the back boards.

4. Give a nightstand a modern makeover.

Follow along with this video to see how ribbed wood panels completely transform the Malm nightstand.


5. Dress it up a bit.

As this DIYer explains, all you need for a mini makeover are wood legs from The Home Depot and some metal ring hardware from Amazon!

6. Fake a worn wood look.

We're not quite sure how this Instagrammer accomplished this trickery — either through lots of sanding and staining or by attaching wood panels.


7. Hack the Malm into a desk.

Get two of the 3-drawer Malm chests, add a plank on top, and voilà: Megadesk.

8. Think pink.

This just goes to show that a few coats of paint in a single hue can turn the Malm into something cute and modern.

9. Tape + handles = winning combo.

Adding gold tape to the back boards is a popular option (as we saw above), but you can take the look a step further by adding your own handles.

10. Farmhouse it up.

Adding a natural wood top is all you need to get those farmhouse vibes going.