15 of the Best IKEA Besta Hacks

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Like the Pax series, IKEA's Besta line is simply a series of cabinets in various shapes and arrangements that allows shoppers to create custom storage pieces in their homes. What we love most about the Besta is that yes, it's prime for hacking, but it also can look incredibly high-design on its own, depending on how it's styled. Read on to see how people use the Besta in their homes — from hacks to decor ideas.


1. Cane is the name of the game.

Cutting out the fronts, applying cane webbing, and giving the whole thing a coat of cloudy gray paint transforms the Besta into something even better.

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2. Consider purchasing custom fronts.

Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel has the complete recipe on her blog for how she hacked the low Besta cabinet in her home. The secret ingredients? The designer's own fronts made in collab with Semihandmade and wooden balls for the feet.


3. Add a natural touch.

The custom fronts with hexagonal detailing are definitely cute, but what really impresses us with this Besta hack is the live-edge wood top — so easy to accomplish with the help of your local lumber yard.

4. Cane, again.

For our very own Besta hack, we used a tighter cane webbing. See the full instructions here!


5. Cane + natural wood fronts = beauty.

In case you didn't get the memo, cane is probably the best-a way (har har) to makeover your piece. This Instagrammer also added some stained wood panels.

6. Make the Besta look built-in.

One way to make your IKEA unit look super custom? Add glass fronts and interior lighting to a media setup.



7. Under-the-stairs-storage.

With a wood top, this low Besta unit looks like it came with the house!

8. Consider contrasts.

This hack also uses cane, but goes a bit more glam thanks to the black frame and gold knobs.


9. Another simple wood-forward option.

Vertical slats make for a warm, minimal adjustment.

10. Get floaty.

As this image proves, sometimes less is more — simply floating the Besta unit a few inches off the floor creates a cool effect.


11. Artwork sets the tone.

Don't feel like hacking your Besta unit? No prob. We love its simple lines and how it can become such a sophisticated backdrop for the right styling.

12. Add midcentury flair.

Although these custom blue fronts are created by a company based in Sweden, the combo still serves great inspo — especially the angled hairpin legs, delivering some midcentury vibes.


13. Add texture and accessories.

Want to give your Besta an easy upgrade? Try wrapping the doors in a textured, jute-like fabric and adding on some new legs — check out Pretty Pegs, a company that sells replacement pieces specifically for IKEA items.

14. Purchase some custom handles and legs.

Sadly, you need to live in Sweden to take advantage of Superfront's amazing IKEA fronts. But if you live in the U.S. you can still order legs and handles from them!


15. Go for the gold.

Pretty Pegs' arched gold legs are the perfect way to pass your Besta off as a high-end find.



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