This Costco Dessert Is Inspired by Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

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While Girl Scout Cookie season typically falls in the earlier part of the new year, you don't have to wait until then to get your sweet fix. Costco has swooped in to the rescue with another peppermint chocolate dessert that is reminiscent to your favorite Girl Scout Cookie that you'll want to add to your cart (because you can never have too many treats at this time of year).


Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels are now available at the retailer — and they taste just like the minty cookie. The crunchy pretzels are coated in mint-flavored dark chocolate, and it will take a ton of self-restraint to stop munching on these after just a couple bites. The dessert is perfect to leave out at any holiday party, wrap up as a tasty gift, or just keep in your kitchen cabinets as a snack for yourself.

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Instagrammer @costcobuys shared the delicious news, stating that you can snag a 26-ounce bag for $8.99. While you're heading over to Costco or ordering off Instacart (we recently learned you can use this service to shop at Costco without a membership), you may want to grab some other holiday treats before they're gone.


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