Top 28 Kitchen Hood Ideas to Help With Renovations

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So you've got your stove situation figured out, but have you thought about which range hood idea will work best for your kitchen remodel? There are many things to consider, such as whether you have to go with a ductless option, if your microwave has to stay above your cooktop for functionality, what kind of storage you need around the stove and countertops, the amount of ventilation required, and ultimately which vent hood design will match your overall home decor.


You're in the right place for all of those considerations, though. We've got kitchen hood ideas aplenty with all the information to help any homeowner make the best choice for their unique space.

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How Do I Choose a Kitchen Hood Design?

Before choosing which kind of range hood design you want, do your research. First, what's your overall budget? Prices for hoods can range from $100 to well beyond $2,000, so keep your spending in mind when narrowing down your options. You'll also want to investigate the cost of installation. Some options may require hardwiring, moving cabinetry, and rearranging ductwork. Next on your to-do list: Note if you already have ductwork. Will you have to install that as well? Is it allowed? If you're in an apartment or townhome, you may be limited in this part of the kitchen decor makeover.


Additionally, you'll want a hood that works with the style of your space. Whether you have a contemporary kitchen, a minimalist one, or even a farmhouse style, there are many types and sizes to choose from. You can even do some customizing to make the hood look more built-in or disguised. and some have remote controls if you prefer a more tech-friendly focal point above the stove.

Let's take a look at the types of hoods out there to narrow down your decision.


Types of Kitchen Hoods

In terms of functionality, there are two main types of kitchen hoods: ducted and ductless. Within each, there are many sizes, styles, and features to choose from. And both types can be outfitted under cabinetry, over a kitchen island, or even on the back edge of a stove or cooktop.



Ducted hoods connect to an air passageway that sucks odors and hot fumes away from your stove. These types of range hoods work best when the stove doesn't share a wall with another room or when they're arranged over an island cooktop that allows the ductwork to run through the roof or an existing chimney.

Ductless hoods, on the other hand, will work in any home. You can either plug them into a nearby outlet or have an electrician do some simple wiring for connectivity. While some people prefer ducted hoods because they tend to remove heat and odors better, there are many ductless models that do a great job at ventilating your kitchen. These options also are most common in many apartments or townhomes.


Either style may require some adjustment depending on backsplash placement, cabinet layout, general square footage, and proximity to a power source, so take this into your budget consideration as well.

Here are some kitchen hood ideas to spark your inspiration.


Ductless Range Hood Inspiration

1. Keep it hidden.

Want a nice trick if you're not into making a huge statement with your kitchen hood? Keep it hidden like in this super cool, midcentury modern cook space. It's placed behind wood paneling that complements the cabinetry.


Get the look​: Whirlpool Under the Cabinet Range Hood, $449


2. Get a microwave that pulls double duty.

Installing a microwave with a ductless hood feature right above your cooktop is a win-win. You'll have easy access for reheating food in a flash and ventilation all in one place.


Get the look​: GE Over the Range Microwave, $263.26

3. Go sleek.

Here's another microwave-hood combo to get your decor juices flowing. It's sleek enough for the most modern kitchen, and it looks super custom.


Get the look​: Cosmo Over the Range Microwave, $299.99

4. Pick a stainless steel range hood.

This downdraft ductless vent system is super chic thanks to the stainless steel finish. Try adding a stainless backsplash to complete the pro chef look.



Get the look​: Elica Range Hood, $714.99

5. Dive into tech.

Go a little high-tech with a downdraft kitchen hood design that comes up from your counter with a switch of a button for instant odor removal. When you finish cooking, the vent slides back into the counter like it never even happened.

Get the look​: Zephyr Downdraft Range Hood, $1,799

6. Pick a fun color.

We love a stainless steel kitchen design, but sometimes you need pops of color. That's where this unique hood cover comes in. It makes a major statement, is easy to install, and that gorgeous copper finish will patina beautifully. Pair it with shaker-style cabinets for a fresh contrast.

Get the look​: ZLine Under Cabinet Range Hood, $999.95

7. Look for one that's barely there.

No need to make a huge splash about a hood. Try one that's super compact if you're short on space or just prefer a minimal look. This downdraft style from Broan can be installed next to a cooktop, on an island, or beyond. It's barely there but packs a punch when it comes to ventilation.


Get the look​: Broan Downdraft Range Hood, $1,188

8. Add a sliding option.

For those who never want to see their range hood, this smart solution from Zephyr fits right under a cabinet or shelf and slides out when you need to get rid of that onion and garlic scent wafting in your kitchen.

Get the look​: Zephyr Under Cabinet Range Hood, $599

9. Don't get fussy.

Keep it really simple with a classic style. We like this hood from GE because the black finish is forever stylish. Plus, the unit provides some much-needed overhead lighting while you're busy concocting that special sauce.

Get the look​: GE Under Cabinet Range Hood, $113.16

Ducted Range Hood Inspiration

1. Hang it high.

Got a kitchen island that's also your cooktop? Go dramatic with a range hood and make it the centerpiece like this stainless model that literally hangs from the roof a high ceiling.

Get the look:Proline Island Range Hood, $1,105.95

2. Search for brass.

Like the look of brass fixtures? This ducted hood is the perfect complement to a more rustic kitchen and ties the faucet and fittings together. Don't hesitate to add a brass hood of your own either. The metallic finish can act as a neutral.

Get the look​: Madison Range Hood, $8,647

3. Work with steel and gray.

Stainless steel looks amazing with gray cabinetry. That's why this sleek hood gets major style points in our book. It feels modern and cozy at the same time.

Get the look​: Empava Hood, $249.99

4. Mix it up.

We love stainless ranges and hoods together, but adding them to a more eclectic kitchen seals the deal. Trust us — the end result just works.

Get the look​: KitchenAid Stainless Hood, $1,099

5. Match it to the cabinets.

Go for a subtle vibe with your kitchen hood and either find one with a white finish or paint it to match your cabinets for a cohesive look.

Get the look​: Smeg Wall Hood, $961.09

6. Build around it.

Building around your hood by either adding cabinets or a structure to cover it will definitely elevate the custom feel of your kitchen. As an added bonus, this idea can create extra space if you want to install open shelving.

Get the look​: Faber Wall Hood, $558.60

7. Lean into the contrast.

Want something unexpected? This bold black custom hood provides beautiful contrast in a teal and white kitchen. Plus, it hides some high-end ventilation for a Wolf range that gets lots of use.

Get the look​: Lombardy Black Wall Range Hood, $2,195

8. Inject a little glam.

When in doubt, go for a little bit of glam. Custom copper casing takes this hood from bland to amazing. It also just proves that your kitchen hood can make or break the look of your cook space.

Get the look​: CopperSmith Modern Box Hood, $2,000

9. Combine wood and white.

Another day, another smart custom kitchen hood look. We love how the wood frame on this one works perfectly with the white accents and complements the kitchen cabinets.

Get the look​: Hoodsly Range Hood, $1,050

10. Balance out vibrant colors.

This pink and green kitchen is filled with surprises. And the black hood is one of them because it creates balance in a colorful cook space. Try a neutral range hood in a similar shade if color dominates the other parts of food prep area.

Get the look​: ZLine Kitchen Hood, $1,199

11. Bring in reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood turns the range hood into a conversation piece in a modern farmhouse kitchen from Kelly Nutt. It's the perfect way to make an interior design statement in an otherwise white space.

Get the look​: Castlewood Rustic Hood, $1,944

12. Look for something large.

Sometimes you just have to go big with your hood. And a fabulous back range like this one deserves to be paired with something equally impressive. This kitchen from Chango & Co. proves sometimes more really is more.

Get the look​: ZLine Black Range Hood, $779.95

13. Find one with old-world charm.

The bronze finish on this sumptuous hood has all the right old-world feels for this double range kitchen. Sometimes picking something with a little vintage character is all you need to transform your cooking space.

Get the look​: Budapest Stainless Hood, $2,495

14. Choose something elegant.

Who said a range hood can't just be pretty? This brushed stainless look almost resembles a crown and makes the entire kitchen feel elegant and classic.

Get the look​: Custom Stainless Range Hood, $2,600

15. Warm it up.

Warm tones always work. Case in point: this range hood with a bronze finish. The look will work especially well in a country kitchen where lots of family meals take place.

Get the look​: Artisan Range Hood, $2,400

16. Pick a statement-making addition.

This modern industrial kitchen is accented by a gorgeous dark metal hood that looks like it's made of iron. It creates the perfect statement, especially in a kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash and warm wood accents.

Get the look​: Café Matte Black Range Hood, $1,459

17. Add marble.

Marble can work for almost every aspect of a kitchen makeover. So cover your island ventilation with the same stone that adorns your backsplash and countertops. Here, a seriously big hood becomes less intimidating and more chic with custom marble flair.

Get the look​: Hoodsly Island Hood, $2,199

18. Make it modern.

There are so many styles of ducted hoods to choose from, but a modern option combined with a stainless steel backsplash will always stand out. Here it makes a white kitchen feel inviting.

Get the look​: Proline Island Range Hood, $1,263.95

19. Find a classic color combo.

The black and gold finish of this hood creates a twist that would look stunning in almost every kitchen. It's classic but so interesting at the same time.

Get the look​: MX2 Copper Kitchen Hood, $2,300



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