9 Kids’ Room Organization Ideas That Might Inspire Your Littles to Tidy Up for a Change

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As you scroll through Pinterest for kids' bedroom ideas, you're likely ​oooh​-ing and ​ahhh​-ing at the adorable colors, sweet stuffed animals, and whimsical wall art. But have you stopped to consider kids' room organization?


We're all in when it comes to the cute stuff, too, but we also want to make a case for the power of storage and organization. You see, your child's room won't look so pretty and polished if there are toys all askew, books under the bed, and piles of clothes in the corners. So, we'll go out on a limb and say that equal attention should be paid between adorableness and practical storage.

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But that doesn't mean that storage has to be boring. In fact, it can be just as stylish and delightful as everything else. Here are nine kids' room organization ideas that prove it.

1. Opt for a “big kid” dresser.

So, your little might still be pretty "little," but that doesn't mean you can't invest in a full-size dresser now. Your kid has a lot of clothes and other items that need to be stashed, and guess what? If you pick something as timeless as this dresser that Emily of Ivory Lane chose for her son's room, they'll be able to grow into it over time, which means they'll have a dresser that could last them until college.


Get the look:RH Teen Avalon Wide Dresser in Waxed Gray, $1,749 - $1,849

2. Choose a bookcase with XL cubbies.

Sure, you could always go with a traditional bookcase for your child's bedroom, but to level up that kids' room organization, we recommend an option outfitted with giant cubbies. In this bedroom styled by Alma of Almafied, the cubbies allow for books, decor, and fabric bins that will completely hide less attractive items.



Get the look:IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit, $69.99

3. Try a cool hanging shelf.

For a tiny twist on shelving, consider a hanging option in an eye-catching shape. It'll bring a hint of whimsy to your child's room, especially when you fill it with magic wands and stuffed animals, as seen in this room decked out by Kristen of Notes of Charm.


Get the look:Burke Decor The Round Dorm, $179

4. Buy a nightstand with drawers.

A nightstand seems like a no-brainer when it comes to kids' room organization, but we want to make sure you buy one with oh-so-convenient drawers. For example, the green option seen in this fanciful bedroom, dressed up by Jude of That Homebird Life, has plenty of drawers to accommodate a shared space.


Get the look:Project 62™ Hafley Three Drawer End Table, $100

5. A utility cart is actually perfect for books.

This one might make you snicker, but did you know that a utility cart makes for an awesome place to store books? That's what Jen of Paisley & Sparrow came up with and the result is a small bookcase that tucks in nicely right alongside the bed.



Get the look:IKEA Råskog Utility Cart, $29.99

6. Don’t underestimate the power of floating shelves.

If you think that bookcases tend to take up too much real estate, you can instead go with floating shelves or picture ledges that only require a bit of wall space. Shelving is also a fun way to display their favorite books, as seen in this room perfected by Lauren of Edit by Lauren.


Get the look:InPlace Shelving Floating Wall Shelf with Picture Ledge, $25.14

7. Create an organized dress-up area.

You might remember your dress-up area when you were little; there were likely clothes all over the place and a trunk smooshed with dresses and feather boas. For your little ones, you can make a dress-up area that's organized ​and​ stylish with the help of none other than a spice rack. Linda of The Home I Create bought an IKEA spice rack for less than $5, painted it white, and used it to hang clothes and showcase treasures.


Get the look:IKEA Bekväm Spice Rack, $4.99


8. Wire wall baskets are quite handy.

Wire baskets, particularly ones that can hang on the wall, are so versatile when it comes to kids' room organization. They allow you to see what's inside and can be placed next to the bed so that books and toys are within reach. They offer a bit of an industrial touch to this room dreamed up by Cait of Home Sweet Ruby.


Get the look:Spectrum Diversified Vintage Large Cabinet & Wall-Mounted Basket, $10.64

9. Even a little bedside shelf can be helpful.

If you don't have tons of space for storage in your child's room, even a tiny floating nightstand with a drawer can hold small books and trinkets. It looks simple and pretty in this joyful space decorated by Eva of Happily Eva After.

Get the look:Urbansize Floating Bedside Table, $159 - $207



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