Warning: These Minimalist Toy Storage Ideas Are Pretty Darn Cute

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As a minimalist, we're betting that your pared-down design aesthetic is rubbing off on the next generation — otherwise known as your kids. From owning fewer toys to only spotlighting select, beloved pieces of decor in your children's bedrooms, there are lots of ways to practice minimalism as a family. And that goes for toy storage, too.


Like most kids, yours have probably curated a collection of their favorite playthings, too, but that doesn't mean that they have to live on the floor indefinitely. You can stash their beloved trinkets with the help of unfussy containers and kid-friendly furniture. From simple shelves to effortless bins, minimalist toy storage ideas are far from complicated. In fact, they just might make life easier for you and your little ones. Here are 10 solutions to get you started.

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1. Try a closet (or three).

A closet isn't a novel approach to hiding clutter, however, a minimalist house-shaped version is. Whether you only have room for one, or you have enough square footage for three, these whimsical cabinets designed by Sissy + Marley will make your littles' room look oh-so-good. And bonus: They make the chore of putting toys away so much more fun.


Get the look: ducduc Marley House Closet, $1,395 - $1,695

2. Use an adorable paper bag.

If you've spotted Scandinavian children's rooms recently, you may have noticed that many of them have these paper bags to corral toys. That's because they work flawlessly as a minimalist toy storage idea, often sporting insanely cute designs like this Etsy creation with a bear face.


Get the look: Tellkiddo Bear Paper Bag Storage, $16.77

3. Hang a few shelves.

When looking for minimalist toy storage ideas, keep in mind that of course, you don't need tons of solutions — just a few thoughtful options that work well (and look good, too). In the case of your little one's room, you may only need a couple of shelves. But that doesn't mean a basic floating shelf will do — oh no! Only the best for your kids. Enter: this curvilinear design, which takes displaying knickknacks to the next level.



Get the look: Rafa Kids XL Shelf, $550

4. Utilize a bookcase.

Oeuf tends to be a no-brainer when it comes to minimalist toy storage ideas. They have a knack for crafting beautifully designed pieces without unnecessary frills, perfect for outfitting your little one's space. Take this stylish bookcase, complete with plenty of open and closed storage so they can start working on their shelfie game early.


Get the look: Oeuf Mini Library, $678

5. Create a place for everything.

In an effort to avoid clutter and design a true minimalist kids' room, you'll need to dedicate a spot for each and every toy. Cubbies are a great way to do this, something that's proven in this room styled by Annaka Davidson. The baskets act as stylish, clean storage as well.


Get the look: IKEA Eket Storage Combination with Legs, $150

6. Labels go a long way.

Robert and Lauren of Bless'er House are toy storage gurus, sharing plenty of ideas that work seamlessly for minimalists. For example, in this cheerful playroom, there are different baskets for different types of toys, and each one is labeled for added organization. Which of course means that the kids will never lose their favorite toy again, right?



Get the look: IKEA Billy Bookcase, $39

7. Bins are key.

We believe that there is one must-have to succeed at a truly effective minimalist toy storage idea: bins. And lots of them. They can be tucked into corners, placed along shelves, or even dropped into the middle of playtime to encourage cleaning up. We love the fabric bin that Emily Henderson chose for this fun space.


Get the look: Pillowfort Round Fabric Toy Storage Bin, $9.99 - $24.99

8. Add a bit of creativity.

We love out-of-the-box solutions, and the Star Wars-inspired bookcase that designer Cortney Bishop used in this room takes the cake. This minimalist toy storage idea is basically a toy itself, with the added bonus being that you can also use it to stash a handful of items. We're not ashamed to admit that we want one for our bedroom as well.


Get the look: This Is Why I'm Broke "Star Wars" AT-AT Bookcase, $1,599

9. Go with a subtle look.

When searching for minimalist toy storage ideas, remember to keep the aesthetics low-key so you won't overwhelm the visuals in your tiny tot's space. A shelving unit, like this one chosen by Shea of Studio McGee, is a perfect solution that adds just a hint of style thanks to its glossy white finish and brass details.


Get the look: Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter, $18.52 - $48.68

10. Invest in pieces that pull double-duty.

While we all wish that our bedrooms were palatial in size, most of us have to deal with cramped sleeping quarters. Which is why it's important to find minimalist toy storage ideas that can pull double duty. Take this pastel-colored bench: It's not just a lovely place to sit, but it can also be used for storage. That's what we call a win-win!

Get the look: Lulu and Georgia Cullen Kids Storage Bench, $280



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