20 Curtain Colors That Go With Green Walls

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Given that a number of paint companies (such as Behr and Benjamin Moore) selected a shade of green for their 2022 color of the year, it's no surprise that the already popular hue has been having a major moment as of late. Lacy Hughes of Julian Design enjoys incorporating green walls into her own projects. "A green wall, especially when done in a muted green, serves as a wonderful balance between a color and a neutral," the designer says. "The green shade gives it personality, but the subdued tone gives it the ability to blend well with a variety of other colors."


After painting your walls, one of the many factors to consider is window treatments. Not only do you need to decide what type of window covering works best for your home, but you also need to select the perfect color. To add contrast to your space, Hughes suggests pairing green walls with neutral curtains, and since white, cream, gray, and tan curtains are readily available, this is certainly a no-fail approach. However, thinking neutral isn't the only approach to take when selecting curtain colors to complement your green walls. Perhaps you're more drawn to a tone-on-tone look and would prefer a lighter or darker shade of green. Or maybe you'd rather introduce a new hue, like pink or yellow, into your mostly green space.


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Luckily, the color green, in all of its wondrous shades, is very versatile. It will look stunning with a wide variety of other shades. But first things first, let's take a quick look at some of the different types of curtains.

Different Types of Curtain Styles to Consider

Before you think about curtain colors, it's important to look at the different curtain styles that are available. Ultimately, each type will affect the look and feel of your space. Here are the most popular types of drapery:


  • Sheer curtains​ are transparent, so they are great for providing a little bit of privacy while still being able to enjoy natural light in your space.
  • Semi-opaque curtains​, on the other hand, offer more privacy than sheers, but still allow some light to flow through. This tends to work well in living spaces. Oftentimes, homeowners will opt for a double curtain rod so they can enjoy the benefits of sheer and semi-opaque curtains.
  • Blackout curtains​, like the name suggests, blackout a room and allow very little to no light to pass through. These are perfect for bedrooms or nurseries, where the light can affect someone's sleep.
  • Cafe curtains​ will look nice at smaller windows in a kitchen or bathroom.


Now it's time to explore some of our favorite curtain colors.

20 Curtain Colors to Pair With Green Walls

1. Forest Green

Given how many shades of green there are to choose from, you can easily opt for a lighter shade of green on your walls and go darker when it comes to curtains (or vice versa). This bedroom by The Gold Hive exemplifies this concept perfectly, as super dark green walls are accompanied by forest green curtains. The variation is subtle but effective.



2. Taupe and White

When selecting curtains for your home, solid colors aren't the only option. Follow the lead of Damsel in Dior and opt for a patterned design. In this cozy dining room, curtains flaunting a taupe and white pattern frame the window and help lighten the moody color scheme. Dark wood millwork and rich green walls imbue this space with timeless character and a hint of drama.


3. Beige

And speaking of neutral colors, beige is another warm alternative that also happens to look stunning alongside green walls — or in the case of this kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Design, gray walls with sage green cabinets, trim, and a decorative mural. The cafe curtains along with dark wood countertops, wood flooring, and brass fixtures add just enough warmth to balance the cool color scheme.


4. Ochre

Cheerful ochre-colored window treatments add a sunny touch to this rental living room by @emsgaff. Whether you crave an eclectic look or just want to brighten up your home, yellow is always an excellent choice. And as demonstrated here, a yellow-green color combo doesn't have to be overpowering.



5. Red

Red and green isn't solely a winter- or holiday-inspired pairing — these hues can actually play nicely together all year long. The key is to include some neutral hues into the mix to ground your space. And note: You don't have to pick a candy apple red, either. Here, @design_eyes used an orangey shade of red, and the end result looks oh-so-charming.


6. Navy Blue and White

When selecting curtains to go with green walls, it helps to refer back to a color wheel to see what shades will work well together. For example, green and blue are analogous colors (meaning they are next to one another on the color wheel) which is probably why the combo looks so good in this office by Heidi Caillier Design. Here, a wall of verdant cabinetry is met by floor-to-ceiling navy blue and white curtains, resulting in a backdrop that's visually pleasing, yet far from distracting. Neutral pieces of decor brighten up the space and add a welcome dose of warmth.


7. Purple

Feeling brave? In that case, we highly recommend a vibrant green and purple combo à la this living room by Sam Allen Interiors. The lime green walls and dark purple curtains make quite the pair, but it's the red artwork, orange table lamps, and leopard print accents that really complete the maximalist scene.


8. Emerald Green

It can sometimes seem like the sky is the limit when it comes to variations of the color green. Here's yet another shade of green to choose from when considering curtain options! Emerald curtains and matching wall paint offer a seamless, uninterrupted finish in this living room by @knickknackterrace. Orange accents — such as the lounge chair, rug, pillows, and even the brick fireplace surround — look positively radiant in this setup. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since orange and green are complementary colors.

9. White

Let's not forget about classic white. Ivory curtains look effortlessly chic in this two-tone bedroom by @diary_of_no7. The color scheme continues onto the bed with the help of verdant throw pillows and cozy white bedding, make for a dreamy place to catch some zzz's.

10. Pink

Dark pink curtains pop against the olive green walls in this bedroom by Caroline Mullen. The rosy hue injects a sweet and playful note that balances the more serious wall color. The pendant light, flaunting an iridescent shade, and the blush lounge chair turn this little corner into an idyllic reading nook.


11. Light Gray

A barely there shade of gray can be a viable alternative for those who want something a little more than plain white. In this setup by @stoeruhzaken, light gray curtains keep the green bedroom feeling light and airy. Black accents help punctuate the space and add a modern edge.

12. Brown

Oftentimes, the color brown is spotted in desert and boho-style spaces; however, the warm earthy hue can pair well with a variety of different aesthetics. For example, in this traditional bedroom by Anna Page, the dark color looks right at home. The light green walls, crisp white linens, and brass fixtures add an air of sophistication.

13. Sage Green

In this tonal bedroom by @huizehagedoorn, dark green walls are accompanied by sage green curtains. The brown and orange tones showcased throughout the space add major cozy vibes, too. Green on green rooms also look excellent when they feature some plant life, so don't forget to add a leafy friend or two.

14. Mustard Yellow

The mustard yellow cafe curtains in this bathroom by Heidi Caillier Design are the perfect finishing touches to an already charming space. Complete with green and white wall tile, a vintage wood vanity cabinet topped with marble, old-school globe style sconces, and mosaic tile floor — what's not to love? Note how the curtains provide privacy while still allowing natural light to flow in.

15. Tan

It isn't taupe and it isn't beige, but rather a close cousin known as tan. While we often associate the neutral hue with coastal spaces, tan actually goes well with any decor style, as proven by this eclectic living room setup from @forever_home_in_bristol. And bonus: Tan also happens to look splendid alongside pistachio-colored walls. Complete the scene with a healthy dose of greenery.

16. Navy Blue

This green bedroom, designed by Jess Bunge for Emily Henderson Design and styled by Emily Bowser, features thoughtful touches of navy blue. While the green patterned wallpaper is the star of the show, the dark blue curtains and throw are a valuable supporting cast. White and cream accents keep the scheme from feeling too heavy, while the emerald green upholstered headboard and brass fixtures add a note of glamour.

17. Cream

In the world of interior design, the color cream is often overlooked, but don't be so quick to dismiss the versatile neutral. It's actually a winning pick, especially when paired with bold walls, like the deep shade of green used in this space by Lacy Hughes of Julian Design. The contrast, while notable, feels elegant and reserved as opposed to severe and jarring.

18. Light Pink

In this adorable nursery by Ashley of Lily June Home, we see yet another example of the power of a pink and green color combo. However, on this occasion, the curtain color is a dusty rose hue. The verdant wallpaper is also a muted tone that pairs beautifully with the blush curtains, while white and light gray pieces of home decor offer a light and airy finish.

19. Orange

When you think of the color orange, you probably imagine desert- or bohemian-inspired spaces. However, we think the warm hue looks positively radiant with a range of other styles such as this transitional nursery by Tiffany Brooks Interiors. The dark green walls and light gray furniture temper the warmth of the persimmon patterned curtains, coral-colored lounge chair, and brown leather ottoman. The energetic palette is a refreshing and gender-neutral alternative to the more traditional pink and blue schemes.

20. Charcoal Gray

Consider going with a much darker color for your curtains to create a high-contrast scheme like the one employed in this Scandi-chic bedroom by Mainstreet Stockholm. Here, super light green walls and charcoal gray curtains result in a dreamy setup that's designed with sleeping in mind. The cool scheme feels calm and reserved and yet still makes quite an impression. Neutral pieces of furniture and decor complete the light and airy setup.

Curtain Colors That Go With Green Walls

As you can see, there are truly a number of curtain colors that go with green walls; in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer bold hues or more neutral shades? Do you want your space to feel bright and airy or a bit moody? The color you choose will effect the overall look and feel of your space. If possible, request or purchase a fabric swatch so you can see how the material will really look in your space. And don't forget to consider the curtain style — sheers won't block much light whereas blackout drapes will block most, if not all of it. And last but not least, start thinking about what curtain rod style and finish will look best with your space and your window treatments.

Ready to finalize your palette? Here's a recap of some of the best curtain colors to pair with green walls:

  • Hunter green
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Ochre
  • Red
  • Navy blue
  • Purple
  • Emerald green
  • White
  • Pink
  • Light gray
  • Brown
  • Sage green
  • Mustard yellow
  • Tan
  • Navy blue
  • Cream
  • Light pink
  • Orange
  • Charcoal gray



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