13 Exterior House Colors That Go With Black Window Frames

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While the farmhouse trend has certainly made exterior black window frames and trim a chic choice over the last 10 years or so, the look has actually been used on traditional-style home exteriors since the turn of the last century. Colonial-style mansions in the eastern and southern United States often feature black trim with bright white siding, while black home exteriors with black window frames have been popular in Scandinavian design for generations.


There's no doubt about it: Opting for the color black on a home's exterior (in particular around the windows) is a bold choice that will result in a sharp and sleek look. And while some might shy away from the color idea — assuming it would be challenging to pair it with other hues or materials — those homeowners who are brave enough to give it a try discover that it's actually quite versatile and easy to work with, regardless of their home's architectural style.

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As for what exterior colors go best with black window frames, here are 13 inspiring combinations that caught our attention.

13 Exterior Siding Colors That Go With Black Window Frames

1. Black and White

You really can't go wrong with a bright white exterior and black windows. Whether your home is farmhouse or ultra-modern in style, using this high contrast look for the exterior is always a winner.


"The best overall field color on an exterior to complement a black window is white. The high contrast looks clean, bold, and sophisticated. The easiest white (there are a million!) is Benjamin Moore's Simply White," says Decorist designer Katy Byrne.

Get the Look:Benjamin Moore Simply White


2. Black and Red Brick

This gorgeous Victorian-style home, featuring red brick siding and black trim, is an excellent example of how well the dark shade looks with traditional materials. While many choose to go lighter around the windows and doors when working with a darker color siding like brick, opting for charcoal gray or black is a great way to showcase the unique architectural details of your home.



Get the Look:GenStone Multi-Color Brick Veneer Siding

3. Black and Black

Black-on-black exterior color schemes, commonly seen with Scandinavian design, is becoming more and more popular with other architectural styles. Take this midcentury modern-inspired home showcasing a sophisticated tonal look, combining black windows with slightly lighter charcoal gray siding. And bonus: This combination makes a beautiful backdrop for lush greenery, too.


Get the Look:Benjamin Moore Black Knight

4. Black and Gray

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

If all black is a little too dark for you, try pairing your ebony-colored window trim with a lighter shade of gray or taupe. The look is equally impactful as witnessed here on this modern home exterior. The inky color combo allows that beautiful wood door and fencing to stand out even more.


"If the look of black windows and dark gray isn't quite right for you, paint a white trim around those black windows and keep it neutral with a nice gray," suggests Byrne.


Get the Look:Sherwin-Williams Serious Gray

5. Black and Navy Blue

If red or brown brick siding with black window frames isn't quite your cup of tea, try giving your home's exterior a dark blue makeover. CC and Mike painted their brick exterior in a lovely shade of navy blue, which pairs beautifully with the black windows and front door. The light wood columns and shutters add a warm pop to the charming porch.


Get the Look:Benjamin Moore Bold Blue

6. Black and Green

When designer Jenny Komenda embarked on this home's reno, she was always intent on doing a two-toned look for the exterior. After trying a gray-green shade, she decided instead to go for more contrast. Komenda turned to an extra dark shade of green for the board and batten detailing while the stucco surfaces remained a warm white color. The finished result — paired with black windows and a wood pergola — is not only high-contrast but also truly unique.


Get the Look:Valspar Nocturnal Green


7. Black and Natural Stone

If you're lucky enough to live in a home that has exterior stone siding, black windows are a surefire way to complement its natural beauty. For example, this design by Jean Stoffer feels simultaneously traditional and modern thanks to the color combination. Featuring a natural stone facade and white trim, the dark windows give an already breathtaking exterior a little extra pop of color.


Get the Look:Genstone Stacked Stone Siding

8. Black and Cedar

This oh-so-cute refuge by Laura Mendes and John Loerchner of Cabinscape is the epitome of cozy thanks to an exterior color palette made up of cedar siding and black paint around the windows, front door, and gutters. Using black windows with natural surfaces like exposed wood or stone makes a home that's somewhat rustic feel a bit more modern.

Get the Look:Behr Cedar Natural Tone Wood Finish

9. Black, White Oak, and Cedar

Pair the natural beauty of wood with black-stained wood for a modern cabin with Scandi vibes all around. Interior designer Amber Lewis and contractor Potter Mallis nailed this look in the heart of Venice, CA, using both cedar and white oak. The black window frames keep the minimal look consistent and cohesive from top to bottom.


Get the Look:Behr Black Suede Wood Stain

10. Black and Red

If you're looking to really make a statement, follow the lead of this home spotted on Renewal by Andersen and give a deep burgundy or red exterior paint color a try. Paired with black window frames and matching trim, it just doesn't get any bolder. And somehow this rich shade makes the black windows stand out even more.

Get the Look:Benjamin Moore Dark Burgundy

11. Black and Terra Cotta

A classic Spanish Revival home in Los Angeles was given a chic update by adding black trim around the windows and doors. But what really knocked this redux out of the park is the warm terra cotta shade. Yet another example of how truly versatile a dark color like black can be.

Get the Look:Farrow & Ball Menagerie

12. Black and Lavender

Want to do something different with your exterior color palette? Try a soft lavender shade like this charming English cottage painted by Ronan Gaynor. A cool hue like this is an excellent partner for black. Soft pink or powder blue shades would also be equally charming color choices for any exterior.

Get the Look:Benjamin Moore Lavender Lipstick

13. Black and Cream

Just as bright white is an excellent exterior color to pair with black windows, a similar but less stark choice is off-white or cream. We love the color combo on this farmhouse designed by Heritage Custom Homes. The exterior features black windows surrounded by vertical shiplap siding coated in a delicate, buttercream paint color. The contrasting duo adds a welcoming touch, while stone detailing around the front porch enhances the pastoral aesthetic.

Get the Look:Valspar Quail Egg

Additional Things to Consider

When it comes to deciding between black or white window frames, the main factors are price, durability, and aesthetics. While they look fantastic and will give your home strong curb appeal, black windows are about 10 to 16 percent more expensive than traditional white window frames. Another factor to consider is that the color will fade over time due to the harsh rays of the sun.

Additionally, black window frames will absorb heat — this can not only cause cracks in the frame, but the heat can also transfer to the glass which can result in the glass having a shorter lifespan. Talk to your window supplier or contractor before making a decision to discuss the different material options available, and how each one of them will wear over time. All of that aside, black windows are very on-trend at the moment, and we don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.

The Best Colors to Pair With Black Window Frames

Whether or not you decide to go with dark trim around your windows really depends on the type of statement you're trying to make with the exterior of your house. There is no denying that black windows are a bold and striking addition, and will add to your home's curb appeal, especially since they look good with just about any architectural style. There are a few downsides to carefully consider before making a final decision. However, if in the end, you decide that the pros outweigh the cons, here's a recap of some of the best colors to pair with black window frames:

  • White
  • Red brick
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Navy blue
  • Green
  • Natural stone
  • Cedar
  • White oak
  • Red
  • Terra cotta
  • Lavender
  • Cream



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