10 House Colors That Go With Green Roofs

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Green roofs are not as common as their brown and gray counterparts, so they may be a little more intimidating to build an exterior color scheme around at first. However, they provide a fresh look that can fit in with styles from modern to traditional. Green roofs can be made of metal, slate, wood, or asphalt. Some come in a uniform color such as seafoam, sage, or hunter green — like the shingled roof on the house above, designed by Dullea + Associates, Inc. Others (especially those made of slate) are variegated, containing multiple shades of green, as well as colors like silver or orange.


When looking to amp up your home's curb appeal by painting the exterior a new color, Gena Dorminey of Nashville, Tenn.-based Gena Dorminey Design advises that references should come first. "The style and historic origin of the home is always important," she says. "Always research the style of your home. This should dictate your color decisions."

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According to Dorminey, green roofs look best with neutrals or yellows. While complementary colors like red and orange are not out of the question, they require very careful consideration of tints and hues. With a dark green metal roof, a deeply saturated orange will look overpowering, while a softer salmon or orange-toned beige will look more harmonious.

Another factor to consider is the type and amount of lighting your home receives. "Natural light will make colors appear much lighter and brighter than they actually are," Dorminey explains, which could make a white you choose seem extremely bright if your home is in direct sunlight most of the time, for example. In that case, cream or taupe may be a better choice.

If your home has a green roof, know you've got a unique and rare find on your hands, which can be highlighted by your paint choice. Keep things classic or think outside the box — no matter which colors you choose for the exterior walls and trim, a green roof guarantees that your home will look distinctive and smart.


Here are a few shades to consider.

10 House Colors for Green Roofs

1. Cream

Cream is a classic exterior paint color that goes with any roof. It reads softer than classic white, but it's just as versatile and effortless. Black and natural wood trim will help lift up the color combo, as you can see on this house by Nest Architects. Or if you want to get funkier, go for a bold front door color like turquoise.



​Get the look:​Sherwin-Williams Paperwhite

2. Yellow

A yellow home with a green roof conjures up charming thoughts of farmhouses and bed and breakfasts. To achieve that cozy look, stick to colors closer to white on the spectrum, which appear softer than highly saturated alternatives. Go for butter or lemongrass yellow — like the one seen on this house by Ludowici. Shrubbery, potted plants, and a stone fountain complete the welcoming vibe.


Get the look:Glidden Buttercup or Behr Lemon Pepper

3. Green

If you're ready to try something out of the box, go for a monochromatic look. There are a couple of ways to go about this: One is to go for contrast, pairing a darker green roof with lighter exterior walls or vice versa. The other is to opt for a perfect match, with a bit of contrast color for definition — as displayed on this house with a green roof by U.S. Metal Roofing. Eucalyptus green blends in while cream makes everything pop.


​Get the look:Benjamin Moore Hunter Green


4. White

A crisp white is always a good contrast to a green roof, regardless of whether it's a toned-down slate or a highly saturated asphalt. This classic neutral color combination works for a variety of house styles including farmhouse, Victorian, and colonial — like this one by Dullea + Associates, Inc. When deciding between shades of white, look for one whose undertones match the roof.


Get the look:Benjamin Moore White Opulence

5. Red

Because red lies across the color wheel from green, the two are naturally complementary. While this combo is not a common pairing for houses, it's definitely a striking one for a design risk-taker. Reds can run from terra cotta to a deep brick red. The latter creates a rustic effect, as you can see with this house designed by Deep River Partners, which uses sage green and natural wood trim to complete the color scheme.


Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick

6. Gray

Gray comes in a wide range in the hues, from nearly white to deep charcoal. Light and modern or dramatic and moody — whichever gray you choose, you really can't go wrong. Pay attention to the undertones of your green roof to help guide you in your choice. Create contrast with black or white trim (see Cindy of @themustardseed205's house for an example of the latter) or go monochrome with a slightly darker or lighter gray.



Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Exclusive Plum

7. Brown

Brown and green are a color combo found often in nature, and they look just as appealing on the exterior of a house. Natural wood and brick look excellent with green roofs, but if you have neither and are not ready for a full-on remodel, you can use brown paint to create a similar palette. Look for shades with yellow or red undertones. Green trim will add a rustic feel, while black and white — like the window frames and shutters on this house by Archer & Buchanan — will look stately and traditional.


Get the look:Behr Rustic Gate

8. Taupe

A good middle ground between cream, brown, and gray is taupe, which can work harmoniously with just about any style. As you choose your shade, consider how much contrast you'd like. Choose a light taupe with hunter green, and sage trim, like Cadence & Co. did for this garage. A darker taupe with the same roof would create a moodier, more romantic look.

Get the look:Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray


9. Beige

Beige has a reputation for being dull, but like any other color, it comes in endless variations. Those shades with orange undertones can serve as a subtle complement to green, as you can see with this house by Ludowici. Both the exterior wall and the roof include hints of orange, which tie the two together. While this house has brick siding, you can achieve a similar color scheme with an orange-toned beige paint.

Get the look:Behr Renoir Bisque

10. Black

Black exteriors with green roofs are popping up more and more in modern mountain and cabin-style homes, and for a good reason. Just look at the drama of this house by Rustic White. A deep, multidimensional black can bring out all the saturated color of your green roof.

Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black

Important Factors to Consider

When selecting exterior colors to coordinate with your green roof, there are several things to keep in mind. First is your home's architectural style. Modern farmhouses, for example, are usually painted white or off-white, and colonial-style houses traditionally have neutral color palettes as well. You don't have to conform, but it can be helpful to know what the conventions are, even if just to break away from them in creative ways.

Exterior walls are also not the only opportunity for color. Front doors, garage doors, shutters, and trim are good places to be playful, or to ground your home with contrast — as the black and bright white window frames do for the house above, designed by Frederick + Frederick Architects.

Consider your landscaping as well. If you have a bunch of purple hydrangeas in your front yard, a red-painted house with a green roof may be too much color for your taste (then again, it may be just right). Finally, be sure to check your neighborhood ordinances that might limit your color options.

House Colors That Go with Green Roofs

It may take a little extra consideration to choose an exterior color that goes with green, compared to more neutral roof colors like brown and gray. However, the results can be unique and eye-catching. Tone-on-tone greens are an interesting match, as are color wheel opposites red and orange. If you want to play it safe, achromatic shades like black and white will always highlight a green roof. Warm neutrals like taupe (pictured above on a house designed by Cadence & Co.) are a little softer but equally failsafe.

Here are some of the best paint colors for a house with a green roof:

  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Black



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