10 House Colors That Go With Brown Roofs

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Brown is among the most common roof colors in the U.S., up there with gray and black. Compared to those cooler colors, brown provides a bit more warmth and softness to the palette of your exterior. Colorado-based interior designer Nadia Watts likes the way a brown roof makes a home feel natural, letting it blend a bit more with surrounding plants and geological features. She often advises choosing complementary colors to pair with brown roofs.


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Paying attention to undertones is also important. "When creating an exterior color scheme, it is crucial for the colors to have similar undertones," Watts says. "By having the colors relate, the feel of the whole home will be more cohesive. The sun is our brightest light, so consider how the colors look at different times of day."

While painting your house is a big commitment, brown roofs make it easy because, Watts says, they lend themselves to a warm, inviting color palette. Think earth tones like sage green and terra cotta, or warm neutrals like tan and taupe. If you want more contrast, brown roofs warm up even the coolest shades of blue and black.


Get inspired for your own home with these color combinations that work with brown roofs.

10 House Colors for Brown Roofs

1. Brown

Consider a simple, monochromatic brown-on-brown palette. Whether you're working with exposed wood, paint, or brown shingle siding, as pictured here, the color can make your house blend in with its surroundings, as if it sprouted straight from the ground. It doesn't get much more inviting than this.


2. Green

Both earth tones, green and brown make a perfect pair. With a brown roof and white accents, sage green creates a soothing vibe, perfect for coming home to after a long day. Other shades of green would work just as well. For a more subdued look, consider eucalyptus or pale pistachio. If you want to go bolder, forest green would look striking beneath a brown roof.


3. Black

Solid black houses aren't an exterior design for the faint of heart, but they are becoming increasingly trendy. They look especially gorgeous surrounded by nature because they make all the color around them pop. While a black roof would continue the inky monochrome look, a dark brown one can subtly add warmth and contrast. The brown trim and front door do the same.


4. Tan

One way to go with a brown roof is to choose an exterior paint color just a couple shades lighter or darker. Here, tan and brown blend together seamlessly, while stone and white accents and a navy blue front door add texture and dimension. Against a neutral palette, the smallest bits of color stand out — like the red chair cushions on this front patio.


5. Blue and White

Brown roofs can be made of many different materials, including tile. Here, a Spanish-style house with a brown tile roof looks modern and sophisticated with navy blue trim on white stucco. The brown tile on the roof complements the natural wood of the deck, making it all look cohesive.


6. Pink

Here's a fresh, non-traditional option. This midcentury modern house has a brown roof with a wooden overhang, which pairs beautifully with sunset pink exterior walls. While pink is a bold color choice, the warm undertone of this shade makes it blend naturally with wood — just like a blossom on a tree branch.


7. Taupe

Taupe is a universal neutral that can work on any style of home and in any geographic region. If you're looking for a neutral to pair with your brown roof that doesn't feel too basic, taupe will give your home a little more character than white or tan. It also provides an ideal backdrop for painting your front door a different color.


8. Off-White

Off-whites come in every undertone imaginable, from gray to green to red. The warm yellow of this cream exterior makes it a perfect match for brown. The stone and copper accents subtly add more warmth and texture, while the dark front door looks modern and elegant.


9. White

A white house works with any color roof at all, brown included. In fact, a brown roof can warm up stark white paint, creating a softer and more inviting vibe. Add colorful accents or keep it monotone for a more traditional look.

10. Blue-Black

A blue-black house will certainly stand out — and even better, the deeply saturated, cool shade is a perfect complement to a warm brown roof. White trim also adds depth and contrast. Take advantage of the dramatic backdrop a dark-colored house provides by doing some landscaping or planting a garden. The succulents here look extra moody, and the pale pink flowers are simply gorgeous. For a less dramatic take on the look, consider other shades of dark blue, like navy or teal.

House Colors That Go With Brown Roofs

Nearly any color will work nicely with a brown roof. Neutrals like white, cream, and tan are the simplest way to go, but you can also go for more color. Warm hues like pink will blend beautifully with brown, while cooler options can provide stunning contrast. For even more creative expression, don't forget doors, trim, and even garage doors.

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • White
  • Pink
  • Taupe
  • Off-White
  • Blue-Black


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