The 9 Best Cleaning Products, According to Hunker Editors

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Spring has sprung, and we're officially in spring cleaning mode. But if you need help restocking your cleaning line up or need a new go-to product, the Hunker team has you covered. From eco-friendly finds to high-tech vacuums, these are the best cleaning products, according to Hunker editors.


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1. Blueland Clean Suite Kit, $83

"If you want to buy less single-use plastics, save the environment, get a good clean with safer ingredients, all while staying within budget and supporting an independent woman-owned brand like I do — this is the best deal out there. This cleaning bundle includes seven reusable cleaning containers — from spray cleaners to soap to laundry detergent — and includes refills. Plus, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee, so it's a foolproof buy." — Kendra Zager, manager of audience development


2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (10-pack), $11.97

"The Magic Eraser continues to amaze me. I was late to the game in discovering this cleaning product, and honestly, if for some reason you haven't tried it yet, get yourself a box. This really does work like magic. I use it on everything, including erasing marks off of walls, scratches in my sink, or scuffs on my sneakers." — Laurie Grossman, editorial director


3. Wettex The Original Swedish Superabsorbent Dishcloth (10-pack), $12.49

"These reusable cloths are my favorite alternative to paper towels for cleaning surfaces like countertops and the stove. Wet them under running water to soften them, then use them with your favorite cleaning solution (I like a mix of vinegar and water like the one on this list). They're machine washable and very durable — my oldest ones are a few years old." — Mia Nakaji Monnier, design SEO editor


4. Peachy Clean Kitchen Scrubber (3-pack), $11.95

"After the umpteenth article I read telling me what a disgusting bacterial breeding ground kitchen sponges are, I thought I had written them off forever. That is until I found these silicone scrubbers that are not only durable, fast-drying, and resistant to stank-causing bacteria, but also are totally safe to use on all my pots and pans without the worry of scratching. They're also infused with a subtle, truly delightful peachy scent, which wears off a bit over time, but comes back to life when you pop them in the dishwasher." — Gina Goff, director of audience development


5. Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum, $849.99

"As far as cordless vacuums go, this one is great for a big day of cleaning thanks to its impressive battery life (about two hours of run time, especially if you use the Eco mode). The barrel is also larger than most cordless vacuums, meaning you won't have to keep making trips to the trash on your cleanout day. And here's a fun feature: On Auto mode, it automatically detects whether you're vacuuming floors or rugs and changes modes accordingly." — Leonora Epstein, senior director of content


6. Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, $7.99

"I've written an entire piece about why I love this cleaner concentrate, but to put it simply: This product smells great, is affordable, works on multiple surfaces, and is eco-friendly. With this one bottle, you can create 16 gallons of cleaning solution, preventing you from having to repurchase plastic containers of multipurpose cleaner over and over again." — Anna Gragert, senior lifestyle editor


7. Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum and Mop, $399.99

"I never thought that vacuuming would be fun until I got the Roborock S6 MaxV. This robot vacuum doubles as not only a mop but also a remote-controlled camera you can use to check under your couch or on your pets. For carefree cleaning, you can schedule when you vacuum runs, and if there are places you want to avoid (like high-pile, shag rugs), you can set up no-go zones. Fun fact: There's also a feature where you can send quick voice notes through the vacuum." — Pauline Lacsamana, associate commerce editor


8. Rosey Dishwasher Detergent Packs in Fresh Lemon, $10.99

Thrive Market just launched Rosey — its very own line of cleaning products — and I'm obsessed. I always felt weird about washing my dishes with dishwasher pods filled with a long list of harmful chemicals (for both myself and the planet), so I am completely swooning over this brand's mineral- and plant-powered, planet-friendly pods with a transparent list of ingredients." — Erin Lassner, associate commerce editor


9. Method Daily Shower Spray, $3.29

"Like most people (I assume), I hate when my shower is dirty and also hate cleaning the shower. That chore became ​so​ much less grueling after I added this daily cleaner into my routine. After every single shower, I spritz this around all of the shower doors, walls, and fixtures, and it works gently but effectively to keep soap scum, mildew, and buildup from ever forming. I still give my shower a deep clean regularly, but this daily spray also makes that job way easier. I prefer the Eucalyptus Mint scent, which is subtle but makes the entire room smell fresh and clean 24/7." — Katie Maguire, senior commerce editor


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