This Viral Cleaning Hack Will Make You Want to Clean Your Walls ASAP

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Cleaning our walls is one of those things we tend to avoid doing. Yes, we know why and how to clean our walls, but actually doing so seems like a lot of back-breaking work — especially since we don't have a tool specifically for doing so. Until now.


Video of the Day

Once again, TikTok has saved the day. Thanks to two viral videos by user @livecomposed, we now know exactly what we should be using to clean our walls as easily and quickly as possible. In their first video, the creator says, "With four kids, my walls seem like they're always dirty. This wall cleaner saves me so much time."

In the clip, @livecomposed can be seen soaking an extendable dust mop in a sink filled with cleaning solution (more on that in a second). They then take the mop and use it to make their walls look brand new, getting rid of scuff marks, stains, and smudges before our very eyes. Seriously — the before-and-after comparison is very impressive:


For their second video, after the initial video reached over 20 million people, the dust mop company Chomp actually reached out to give @livecomposed additional advice. Rather than using your own cleaning solution, Chomp recommends that you use its wall cleaner spray for the best results. "Wow. That's even easier," @livecomposed says, after using the spray to effortlessly remove a ton of marks from their white door.


Where can you buy the viral TikTok wall cleaning mop?

For $39.97, the Chomp Extendable Wall Washer can be purchased on Amazon. Thanks to its extendable feature, you won't have to worry about getting on a step ladder to reach the top of your walls. Plus, the microfiber pads are reusable and machine washable.


As for the wall cleaning spray, you can also purchase it on Amazon for $19.97. In addition to being great for walls, the multipurpose cleaner works on almost every type of washable surface and paint finish you can think of.

Thanks to this viral cleaning hack, we're actually excited about the idea of cleaning our walls.



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