DIY Cleaning Solution to Spin Mop Your Walls

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Gone are the days when cleaning your walls meant that you had to drag out a ladder and wash them by hand. You can cut your cleaning time and work in half with this DIY cleaning solution to spin mop your walls and get them super clean with ease. (Spin mopping your walls has been taking TikTok by storm!) This tutorial is not just to clean walls: it will also work to combat grime, marks, scuffs, and dirt buildup on doors, cabinets, and baseboards, and will leave your house smelling amazing. When you need to wash walls (from high traffic areas to those inconspicuous areas), you'll love this DIY wall cleaning solution.


Things You'll Need

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How to Clean Your Walls Using a Spin Mop

Step 1

Fill the spin mop bucket with up to two gallons of warm water or hot water.

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Do not use scalding hot water to prevent burning yourself.

Step 2

Now make your wall cleaner: add one tablespoon of Tide Powder Laundry Detergent to the bucket. (You can use any scent or brand you like for this step, as long as the detergent is in powder form.)


Step 3

Use the mop to mix the solution together while wetting the mop head.

Step 4

Place the mop head in the spin module.

Step 5

Rinse the mop head really well by using the foot pump. Kick down seven times to get the mop to the correct wetness. (No drips here!)


Step 6

Mop your walls in an up and down motion. To get tougher spots, try circular motions as well.

Rewet and rinse your mop as often as needed. Since the mop head is barely wet, there is no need to rinse or dry your walls. It's safe to use on painted walls.


It's easy!

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