How to Clean Textured Walls

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How to Clean Textured Walls. Different types of wall finishes require different care. When you clean textured walls, you must use special cleaning procedures in order to maintain their textured look as well as to get any hidden dirt out of the textured finish. Read on to learn more.

Step 1

Use your vacuum's brush attachment to carefully vacuum textured walls prior to cleaning them. This removes dust or other particles from the wall's surface and particles that may be caught in between the rough, textured areas.


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Step 2

Prepare two buckets for cleaning your textured walls. Fill one bucket with an all-purpose cleaner and water solution. In lieu of an all-purpose cleaner, you can use a mild detergent. Fill the other bucket with clean water for rinsing the walls.

Step 3

Choose an inconspicuous spot on your textured walls to test the cleaning solution to make certain it doesn't stain the wall.


Step 4

Apply the cleaning solution to your textured walls using old socks or nylon stockings placed over your hand instead of a sponge. Because of the textured wall's rough surface, sponges might tear and leave behind pieces on the wall. Another alternative to reach the dirt inside the crevices of your textured walls is to use either a fingernail brush or a toothbrush.

Step 5

Continue washing off textured walls using easy strokes from the bottom up to help prevent streaking. Wipe the walls lightly because pieces can break off the textured finish while you clean.


Step 6

Use the bucket with clean water to rinse the textured walls after you've wiped them down with the detergent solution.

Step 7

Continue the cleaning process with the cleaner and water mixture followed by rinsing with clean water until all your textured walls are bright and clean.



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