8 Extra Fancy Cleaning Products for When You Want That Luxe Look

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It's an unfortunate reality that when it comes to most cleaning products, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. On the plus side, most products stay tucked away behind a cabinet door. But what if you ​want​ to (or have to) leave them on display?


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That's where these seven high-design cleaning products come in. From multi purpose sprays to laundry detergent to dish soap, these are some of the best-looking cleaning products on the market today.

1. L'Avant Collective Modern Essentials Bundle, $75


L'Avant's dish soap, hand soap, and cleaning spray — all of which are plant-based — are packaged in elegant black, cream, and white bottles with gold detailing. They're sold individually or in a bundle with biodegradable cleaning wipes.


2. L'eaundry Laundry Detergent, $68

Is this laundry detergent or perfume? That's the whole point of L'eaundry's products — to blur the line between the two. This lovely bottle is actually detergent — with a fresh Scandinavian moss scent.


3. Cleancult Earth Day Is Everyday Bundle, $69.99

We love how Cleancult's reusable cleaning bottles feature playful colors and simple forms — they're very Scandi-chic. Bonus points for packaging refills without plastic!


4. Supernatural Wood + Floors Large Cleaning Concentrate, $60

Supernatural's glass bottles of wood and floor cleaners are beautifully minimalist. Pour them into a spray bottle of your choosing (or one of the brand's own, sold separately), add water, and you're ready to go.


5. Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Dish Soap, $22

Feeling like you need something a little less neutral? Go punchy with Nest's Lemongrass & Ginger Dish Soap, which comes in a striking green bottle. If you want to make a statement on your kitchen counter, this is how you do it.


6. Ardent Goods Dish Soap in a Copper Bowl, $24

For a completely different look, opt for Ardent Goods' solid dish soap, which comes in this fabulous copper dish. The bowl is refillable, so you can always add another puck of soap, or you can repurpose it — say, as a jewelry holder on a nightstand.


7. Kinfill Full House Collection Cleaning Kit, $71

Spray bottles don't have the most graceful silhouettes, but Kinfill does a great job making their glass ones look impressively fancy. The Full House Collection Cleaning Kit includes multi-surface spray, glass and mirror spray, bathroom spray, and floor cleaner.


8. The Laundress Signature Detergent, $22

This all-purpose formula detergent looks chic enough to leave on your counter. The Laundress sells laundry essentials as well as cleaning products, all in design-forward packaging.


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