The Best Dutch Ovens (That Aren't Le Creuset)

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When it comes to Dutch ovens, there's no question that Le Creuset is the most popular. The iconic French brand, which has been around since 1925, was the first to turn enamel cast iron cookware into a colorful endeavor and the kitchen hasn't been the same since. But with high quality and a well-known history comes a hefty price tag — Le Creuset Dutch ovens are quite expensive and can range from $155 to a whopping $560. And while you could certainly justify the cost knowing the piece will last forever and you can pass it on to your grandchildren, you don't actually need to spend that much to get a durable, beautiful Dutch oven. In fact, we've gathered five incredible Dutch ovens that rival the majesty of the Le Creuset. And thus, we present to you, our very worthy, more affordable runners-up.


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1. Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $68.76

Lodge has been a leader in cast iron since 1896 and its enameled Dutch oven is proof of over 120 years of excellence. An American classic, it provides stellar heat retention and even heat distribution so you can rely on it for all your baking, braising, simmering, and roasting needs. The fact that this Dutch oven costs under $100 is insane. It's the steal of the century.

2. Great Jones The Dutchess, $155

The savvy founders of millennial cookware company Great Jones thought of everything when they designed their popular Dutch oven. Its oval shape offers plenty of surface area for browning and searing, while its gently curved corners keep food from getting stuck. Matte, jewel-toned exteriors are combined with a light grey interior that hides stains yet allows you to see food colors change — there are no downsides.

3. Martha Stewart Collection Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, $99.99

All hail Queen Martha and her Macy's-exclusive, heavily enameled cast iron Dutch oven, which flawlessly cooks stews, bakes casseroles, and browns pot roasts. Its lid features condensation rings that circulate moisture for juicy results, while its retro, straight-side style makes it a perfect stovetop accessory.


4. Caraway Dutch Oven, $125

New-school, internet-friendly brand Caraway makes its Dutch oven with an aluminum core and a top layer of of non-stick ceramic that's completely mineral-based and non-toxic. The healthy material is also eco-friendly, releasing significantly less CO2 in production than other non-stick coatings. With stainless steel handles, a trendy look, and bold color options, this Dutch oven is a winner.

5. Kana Milo Classic Dutch Oven, $135

Made with 40% recycled cast iron, Kana's minimalist Dutch oven mixes French inspiration with Californian design for a piece that respects tradition and updates it with an effortlessly cool vibe. Unlike many others, the brand encourages dishwashing, which is a serious game-changer when you're cooking a huge meal.


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