Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Storage and Organization

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At the start of the pandemic, many of us began to brainstorm how to take full advantage of every single space in our homes. That meant refreshing our interiors, but for a lot of inventive homeowners, it meant making the most of outdoor spaces, too. After all, heading outside to soak up nature is the easiest way to socially distance and fight those stressful vibes.


As a result, you likely purchased new patio furniture, installed fresh outdoor lighting, and tended to your garden, a favorite hobby for many as of late. But have you thought about outdoor storage and organization?

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Because a backyard requires, well, stuff. It needs decorative items, from outdoor throw pillows to cozy blankets to lanterns. Gardening essentials, like tools, hoses, gloves, and more. And anything else you might need for outdoor home maintenance.

From clever outdoor storage solutions kept in your backyard to items you can tuck away in the garage, this is your beginner's guide to outdoor storage and organization.

Outdoor Storage & Organization: Patio and Deck

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Luckily, we live in a time when storage and furniture often work hand in hand. And this includes patio furniture. As you assemble your outdoor space consider pieces that will pull double-duty, like an ottoman or side table complete with space to stash things or a storage bench that doubles as seating.


You can also consider something called a deck box. Think of it as a trunk that you put outside. Rendered in a waterproof material like resin, plastic, or wood, it's outfitted with a lid to protect from the elements. Sometimes, deck boxes even come with a cushion, offering a bonus seat for your patio setup.

Keep in mind any vintage items that can be repurposed as outdoor storage. If you're fine with these pieces incurring water or sun damage, feel free to put out that thrifted shelf, those secondhand baskets, or that rusty, yet charming, bar cart.


Outdoor Storage & Organization: Landscape and Garden

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For your backyard and gardening storage needs, we have two words for you: outdoor shed. It's the thing to have if you want to achieve optimal storage and organization outside.



If you have a tiny yard, you might be thinking that you don't have room for a shed, but today, you can find options in virtually any size you can imagine. Even if your shed is on the smaller side, it will still act as a convenient place to store gardening tools and pots. Consider placing it against an exterior wall to save even more space.

Outdoor Storage & Organization: Garage

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You've likely already thought of this, but you can always turn to your garage to hold all of your outdoor necessities. You may view it as just a place to park the car, that doesn't need to be kept neat and tidy, but to find all of the items you need at a moment's notice, you should have an organizational system in place.


You can either choose to install something that's been pre-made by manufacturers — think coordinating cabinets and wall shelving galore — or you can implement your own solutions by utilizing overdoor storage, wall-mounted options, or simply throwing in some handy plastic bins.

Although you can choose to incorporate storage into any of your outdoor areas, we highly recommend utilizing your patio, backyard, and garage to achieve peak outdoor storage goals.


Where to Shop for Outdoor Storage

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