An Art Deco Backsplash Is the Perfect Way to Bring Some Vintage Flair Into Your Kitchen

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Art deco design arose in the 1920s when everything was glitz, glamour, and just a little too much in the best way possible. Artists and fashion designers of the day were known for visuals that pushed the envelope and embraced all things fresh and new. When it came to the deco visuals making their way into hotels and homes, this included bold, geometric motifs, curved, floral patterning, and metallic everything.


Fast forward to today, and the beloved design approach that's been going strong for a century has made its way into the modern cook space. Let us introduce you to the art deco backsplash, an elegant, eye-catching addition to any kitchen. Marked by characteristics of art deco design — attention-grabbing patterns, curvy visuals, glimmers of gold and brass — these backsplashes can work in a wide range of designs.

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From on-trend kitchens filled with contemporary decor to farmhouse cook spaces that pay homage to relaxed country living, these glamorous designs have mastered the art of this decorative accent.

1. Go for the gold.

Inlaid with pieces of brass, an art deco backsplash is anything but shy. Brimming with golden goodness, it's guaranteed to make your kitchen shine in more ways than one, such as this dazzling black, white, and brass beauty seen in a cook space designed by Savvy Interiors.


Get the look: Tilebar Kaleidoscope Magnifique Marble Tile, $82.95 per square foot

2. Embrace geometric detailing.

Art deco style was a precursor to midcentury modern design, something that can be seen in the geometric shapes shared by both. Often displaying triangles and diamonds, the silhouettes of the '20s are alive and well in art deco backsplash ideas that make use of tile, like the minimal option Samantha of Could I Have That? chose for her kitchen.


Get the look: Fireclay Tile White Wash Small Diamond Sheeted, $45 per square foot


3. It’s all about elegance.

Picture a 1920s movie star: You're likely envisioning a sparkly ensemble and an air of sophistication. Now translate that to an art deco backsplash. Think golden hues and linear patterning, like the one that Lauren and Michelle of Skin Interior Design picked for this kitchen. Pair with blue cabinets and gold hardware to complete the look.


Get the look: Artistic Tile "Siam" Metallic Tile, $90 per square foot

4. Pair a metallic backsplash with dark cabinets.

An art deco backsplash is for those who enjoy bold and brave design choices, so we're guessing you'll really want to make it stand out. The best way to do that is by pairing your backsplash with cabinets in a dark color. For example, this design (made of removable wallpaper!) perfectly pops alongside modern black cabinets.


Get the look: Loomwell Home Goods Gold Hexagon Backsplash Removable Wallpaper, $25.99 per 2x2 foot panel

5. Amp up the contrast.

Keeping everything in your culinary space neutral so your art deco backsplash can stand out is one way to go. Or, you can really up the wow factor by continuing to use the same bold colors like Jean Stoffer Design did throughout this kitchen, from the lighting to the countertop to the range hood.



Get the look: Inara Cavalier Brass and Marble Tile, $96.95 per square foot

6. Keep it minimal and linear.

We're enamored with chevron patterns around here, but did you know it was a thing long before the 21st century? Chevrons were a favorite pattern among art deco devotees back in the '20s, so why not bring that patterning to your art deco backsplash? We love the minimal look of this Modwalls design.


Get the look: Modwalls Kiln Ceramic Chevron Tile, $42.95/square foot

7. Make it glam and romantic.

Deco style is generally known for its geometric elements, reminiscent of the diamond pattern seen in this backsplash. Kimberlee Marie Interiors complemented the white and gold mosaic tile by pairing with rich green cabinets and brass hardware, resulting in a luxe kitchenette that makes us forget all about its diminutive size.

Get the look: Tilebar VZAG White Gold Mosaic Tile by Vanessa Deleon, $47.71 per square foot



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