10 Ways to Rock Midcentury Modern Bohemian Style at Home

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There are so many things we adore about midcentury modern design. The slick lighting. The warm wood furniture in walnut and teak. The linear silhouettes. And swanky pieces like bar carts and credenzas. We're equally fond of bohemian decor, even though it seems to be the polar opposite of midcentury style. We can't get enough of the warm color palettes, woven textures, interesting patterns, laid-back vibes, and, of course, houseplants galore.


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You know what else we enjoy? Seeing the two design styles paired together for a flawless finish. Think, a few votive candles and a Himalayan salt lamp on top of a midcentury sideboard. Or, a rattan chair featuring a midcentury silhouette. Or, a woven wall hanging placed alongside a vintage starburst mirror. The dichotomy just works, and we are so here for it. Scroll on for 10 midcentury modern bohemian spaces that we're pretty sure you'll fall in love with just like we did.


1. Bring in plants — lots of plants.

The quickest way to achieve the midcentury modern bohemian aesthetic is to pair mid-mod furniture with tons of houseplants, a staple of bohemian style. We are loving the wall planters and palm seen in this stylish living room belonging to Angela of Restoring Home.


Get the look: West Elm Ceramic Wallscape Planters, $22 to $29

2. Be eclectic.

The nice thing about midcentury modern bohemian decor is that it's instantly eclectic, which means you won't be overly tied to either design approach and you can really play with the visuals. For example, this living room, styled by photographers Amber and Josh and featured on the Joybird blog, brims with unique personality.


Get the look: Joybird Hopson Corner Sectional, $4,279

3. Combine midcentury furniture and boho accents.

Whether you score the midcentury find of the year on Craigslist or you purchase a brand-new piece that boasts a similar charming retro flair, you can pair it with bohemian touches. For instance, in this San Francisco walk-up styled by the West Elm design team, accents like potted plants, woven baskets, and a patterned floor pouf are paired with a midcentury-inspired cabinet and coffee table for a balanced look.


Get the look: West Elm Mid-Century Buffet in Acorn, $1,099

4. Be thoughtful with color.

Back in the day, midcentury modern design was all about color and lots of it. Leaning toward oranges, greens, and yellows, nowadays, mid-mod designs have taken on a more neutral feel. In your midcentury modern bohemian space, you can combine those boho neutrals with splashes of midcentury color, as seen in this entryway perfected by Annette of A Vintage Splendor.


Get the look: Drop It Modern Crystalline Wallpaper in Grey, $137 to $395 per panel

5. Incorporate varying textures.

Texture is such a huge part of bohemian decor. Whether it's handwoven throw pillows or chunky blankets or shaggy area rugs, texture can immediately make a room look more interesting. Combine those textures with midcentury-inspired furniture, and you'll have a living room like the one belonging to Nikki and Steve from Cottage and Sea.


Get the look: Article Sven Sofa, $1,799

6. Don’t forget about clean lines.

Bohemian decor tends to be relaxed and carefree, while midcentury design focuses on clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Bring the two approaches together in a midcentury modern bohemian space, something that's seen in the linear furniture placed in this living room belonging to Jen of City Farmhouse.


Get the look: Article Denman Chair in Vapor Gray, $699

7. Get playful.

When pulling together a midcentury modern bohemian space, be sure to keep things light and playful with the help of vibrant, cheerful hues and cheeky decorative pieces, like the ones seen in this bedroom designed by Lucy of Craftberry Bush.


Get the look: Mistana Tan Cherise Leather Pouf, $369

8. Combine a myriad of shapes.

While midcentury modern design usually sticks to linear or geometric shapes, bohemian decor can be a lot looser and more relaxed with its silhouettes. Bring those shapes together with casual bohemian elements, a look that's witnessed in this bedroom belonging to Alexandra of AVE Styles.


Get the look: Jonathan Adler Meurice Collection 30-Light Brass Chandelier, $1,309.85

9. Embrace natural colors.

Bohemian decor tends to harken back to the outdoors with its green plants, natural materials, and fresh color palettes. You can represent those relaxed hues in a space that embraces midcentury design. It's a look that's captured in this living room belonging to Robert and Christina of New Darlings.

Get the look: The Citizenry Lombok Rattan Lounge Chair, $395

10. Mix the old with the new.

In this midcentury modern bohemian living room belonging to wedding photographers Matt and Tish, and showcased on Green Wedding Shoes, old and new items are blended together for a beautiful result. We love the way that iconic classics, like an Eames lounge chair and ottoman are balanced by modern pieces like an IKEA pendant lamp.

Get the look: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, $5,295 - $7,795 and IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp, $69.99


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