7 Very Mad Men-Esque Midcentury Mirrors

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There's one thing that always catches our attention when watching Mad Men (_or really any 1960s-set period drama): Everyone's apartments look _so big. And sure, we have to admit that part of the reason is that the show is set in a time when many Manhattan rentals could be had for a song (and let's not even get started on Brooklyn ... we see you, Peggy!). But the other element making every character's square footage look out-of-this-world enviable? Mirrors everywhere.


While you might not take home a salary that could get you Pete's pied-à-terre, this very budget-friendly fix is in reach. Midcentury-inspired mirrors can be sprinkled liberally around your flat, from the bathroom (that janky medicine cabinet wasn't really doing you any favors anyway, was it?) to the dining area (ooh, reflected dinner party glow). And with some key styles coming in under $100, let's just say mirror shopping is a lot cheaper than moving. Here are our favorite midcentury mirrors to give you the illusion of space to spare.

1. Shelf-Sustaining

Who doesn't need a little extra storage in the bathroom (or anywhere, for that matter)? This MCM-inspired design incorporates a hint of brass and a little ledge for your most reached-for essentials.

Get the look: CB2 Perch Round Mirror with Shelf, $299

2. Strength in Numbers

Are we repeating ourselves? You bet. Opting for multiple mirrors is a tried-and-true midcentury trick, so whether you purchase duplicates of a favorite shape or opt for a trompe l'oeil like this three-in-one style, you'll be embracing a cool, mod look from every angle.

Get the look: West Elm Overlapping Diamonds Mirror, $399

3. Less Is More

We love midcentury minimalist spaces that deliver a sleek, understated feel — and this bathroom is a perfect example. Retro-cool exposed bulbs above the vanity strike the right balance between glam and industrial, and these rounded-corner mirrors match the vibe to a T. (P.S.: They're available in brass, too.)


Get the look: Schoolhouse Leo Mirror, $499

4. Round-Up

Round mirrors have topped the trend charts lately, and it's easy to see why. The cool shape is by turns retro and modern, and fits in just about anywhere (bonus: no centering required). We love the unique effect achieved here by literally mirroring mirrors back against the opposite wall.

Get the look: Project62 Decorative Wall Mirror, $60

5. Amoeba, Baby

The "ameoba" look enjoyed a major moment in midcentury style. Characterized by asymmetrical shapes that skew from boomerangs to surfboards to kidney bean-like styles, blobby, uneven silhouettes ruled the day — and we think it's high time they got the comeback they deserve. This uniquely shaped mirror is trimmed in mid-tone wood, further emphasizing its midcentury roots.

Get the look: West Elm Mid Century Asymmetrical Wall Mirror, $399

6. Group Gathering

Whoa, this double-the-fun look is two MCM trends in one. Eclectic, freeform amoeba shapes + a grouping of repeated mirror motifs = full-on throwback bliss.


Get the look: Anthropologie Bentwood Mirrors, $58

7. Natural Feeling

You didn't really think we'd get to the end of this list without mentioning rattan, did you? If your midcentury-style skews more west coast than east coast, consider incorporating rattan, wicker or even bamboo for a more laid-back vibe.

Get the look: CB2 Natural Rattan Floor Mirror, $499


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