12 Brilliant IKEA Living Room Ideas to Design Your Dream Space

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Designing a living room can quickly become an overwhelming task for homeowners. Most of the pressure comes from the fact that this space is often the most frequented area, by you ​and​ your guests. Therefore, it's critical to nail a living room layout and aesthetic that are functional, inviting, and reflect your personal tastes. When assembling the living area of your dreams, it's also important to take into account the flexibility, availability, and cost of your design scheme. Fortunately, IKEA serves as sort of a one-stop shop to help you satisfy each of these concerns (and then some!) while quickly crossing living room makeover deeds off your to-do list.


The affordably priced mega-retailer has long cornered the home decor market in terms of smart, stylish furniture and accessories, offering products that are both practical and pretty. Knowing that you can style your living room without breaking the bank is bound to make decorating infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

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But don't just take our word for it. Here are 12 brilliant IKEA living room ideas you should consider stealing. You'll be glad you did!

1. Choose pieces that make a statement.

Finding a standout piece for your living room shouldn't be difficult when you're shopping for IKEA furniture. This chic white loveseat is a wonderfully bold choice, making it the obvious focal point of the space. While it is eye-catching, we love the way this setup balances the striking seating option with neutral-toned bohemian accessories — a rattan chair, woven floor pouf, and a wire-frame side table. A bookcase and an open shelving unit offer ample storage and display space, while a desk transforms the living room into a multipurpose area.


Get the look:IKEA Uppland Loveseat, $419

2. Stick to the essentials to avoid unnecessary clutter.

If you're tempted to go overboard with decor ideas and overwhelm your space, this IKEA living room will help you avoid feeling claustrophobic and keep your digs from looking like a hot mess. Create a relaxing atmosphere by starting with the basics: a comfy sofa and a simple coffee table, as shown in this black den. Then liven up the space with accessories like decorative pillows, wall art, light fixtures, greenery, and rugs.



Get the look:IKEA Stockholm Sofa, $2,199 and IKEA Stockholm Coffee Table, $249

3. Make use of accent pieces that pull double-duty.

The last thing you want is for your home to look like a junk drawer exploded in it. Make organization a priority by opting for living room furniture pieces that pull double-duty and provide extra storage. For example, in this IKEA living room idea, a wire-frame coffee table not only looks great but is used to corral a stack of magazines, too. And this bookcase is far from average, as you can add doors, drawers, and bins to stash various items while still creating all of the Insta-worthy shelfies you want.


Get the look:IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table, $59.99 and IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit, $119

4. Use furniture to create designated zones.

When you live in a place with an open concept living room that flows from one area right into another, figuring out how to clearly define your space can be tricky. However, one of the best ways to divvy up the living room and create a cozy sitting area is to install a transparent partition like this one, which also makes a great home for your plants.



Get the look:IKEA Finnala Sofa with Chaise, $799 and IKEA Svalsta Nesting Tables (set of 2), $99

5. Stick to a color scheme.

When it comes to choosing the best furniture and decorative accents, you'll want to select and stick to a color scheme to create a cohesive look. To properly execute the idea, take a cue from this blue living room design idea. The team over at IKEA chose a soft blue wall paint and accentuated it with a complementary blue sofa and area rug. Finally, they incorporated additional splashes of blue with throw pillows and sculptures, bringing together a textured scene bursting with modern style.


Get the look:IKEA Söderhamn Sectional Sofa, $729 and IKEA Alseda Stool, $39.99

6. Warm up your white living room.

All-white living rooms are tricky — if you're not careful this particular color palette can come off cold and clinical. We love the way this particular design adds warmth to a white living room with a black TV stand and tall bookcase. The brown accent pillows and area rug, faux sheepskin, and throws add texture and a sense of coziness, even though the space is still bright and open.



Get the look:IKEA Kragsta Nesting Tables (set of 2), $129 and IKEA Rens Sheepskin, $29.99

7. Add pops of color throughout.

This particular living room has a largely neutral color scheme, from the brown leather sofa and rattan chair to the white walls paired with a gray accent wall and matching storage cabinet. In order to keep the design from skewing monotonous and to incorporate contrast, the brand added a royal blue armchair and ottoman, giving the room a more sophisticated vibe.


Get the look:IKEA Ekerö Armchair, $159 and IKEA Stockholm 2017 Ottoman, $139

8. Set the mood with lighting.

This particular setup features various lighting options, including a chandelier, a pair of floor lamps, and a tiny table lamp. They all work together to enhance the overall ambiance, light specific areas, and up the cozy factor.


Get the look:IKEA Hektar Floor Lamp with LED Bulb, $49.99 and Äppelviken Chandelier, $39.99

9. Personalize your space.

This living room really displays the impact of a personalized space. The designers curated a gallery wall and utilized glass door cabinets with lighting to highlight personal effects in a manner that is sleek and sophisticated, instantly giving this living area the feel of an artsy showroom.


Get the look:IKEA Rudsta/Vaxmyra Glass-Door Cabinet with Lighting, $138.99 and IKEA Ribba Frame, $7.99

10. Make it guest-friendly.

Whenever friends or family come over to spend the night, it's extremely convenient when you don't have to rearrange the entire living space in order to make them comfortable. Invest in a multifunctional, modular sofa sectional like the piece displayed in this lovely IKEA setup. Not only will it make hosting a simpler task for you, but it will also make overnight stays more relaxing for your guests.

Get the look:IKEA Vallentuna Modular Sofa with Sleeper Section, $880

11. Get inspired by Scandinavian design.

Talk about a breath of fresh air! This IKEA space feels light, airy, and thoughtful — all the elements of a successful Scandinavian living room design. The wall of Besta storage cabinets offers ample room for toys, books, and storage baskets. Plus the furniture and accent tables are low profile, proving that orderly and family-friendly ​can​ exist in the same space.

Get the look:IKEA Custom Besta Storage Combination, starting at $390 and IKEA Smarra Bamboo Box with Lid, $14.99

12. Let your rug do the talking.

If we had to guess a few things about the owner of this rug, we'd say they're stylish, expressive, and not afraid of a bold print. The geometric red and white area rug complements the pink and black striped wall hanging, and offers a nice contrast to the gray furniture. Not to mention, it also pulls the room's color scheme together nicely. Allow your living room's personality to shine through a piece of decor that makes a statement, be it bold, subtle, or somewhere in between.

Get the look:IKEA Stockholm Striped Rug, $299



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