15 Minimalist Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas from IKEA

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If you are looking to create a clean, streamlined living space, look no further than IKEA. From cube shelves to nesting side tables to smart storage and unexpected items, the Swedish retailer is a one-stop shop, whether you're on a tight budget or just like minimalist design. Because of its simplicity and versatility, IKEA furniture can fit in almost any living room, no matter your decor style. Whether you're going for a midcentury, boho, or eclectic take on minimalism, you've come to the right place.


Less may be more, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise design impact. So clear out the clutter, and then choose pieces that are both functional and chic. Some say minimalism can even help to reduce stress. Chic, functional, and stress-relieving all at once? Sign us up.

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Below, find 15 minimalist IKEA living room ideas that will make you want to declutter ASAP.

1. Fine-tune your color palette.

If you want a minimalist living room, keep it simple. No matter how big or small your space, make it look lighter and more open by sticking to a palette of just one or two main colors. This space wows in a wash of whites with IKEA products including a sofa, side chair, rug, and cabinets all working in perfect harmony.


Get the look​: IKEA Havsten Chair, $290, IKEA Svalsta Nesting Tables, $120

2. Choose a simple, iconic chair.

An accent chair can easily make a minimalist statement without breaking the bank. The Vedbo is one of IKEA's most iconic chairs, hailed for its perfectly minimalist and neutral design. Choose one in indigo, sage, or blush, like the version shown above, to infuse a bit of soft color into your living room.


Get the look​: IKEA Vedbo Armchair, $279

3. Go for adaptable shelving.

IKEA has many excellent shelving options. For a minimalist living room, choose a white finish like this one to keep things sleek and simple, letting your decorative accents shine. The Kallax collection of cube shelves are some of IKEA's most popular items. Not only do they offer a clean look, but they're also endlessly versatile, so you can style them to your liking.



Get the look​: IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit (4 x 2), $70

4. Keep the sofa simple.

Seating is certainly essential in any living room. But consider skipping the chairs and going for a comfy sofa with a separate ottoman or accent stool to keep things easy on the eyes. Despite the small space, this living room looks functional, cozy, and inviting.


Get the look​: IKEA Kivik Loveseat, $699

5. Streamline storage.

One way to make your space feel instantly more streamlined is to opt for closed storage rather than open shelving. This credenza nails the minimalist look, keeping stored items out of sight so the artwork on top can take the spotlight. If you need more shelf space, consider a floating unit, like the simple cube-shaped one shown here.


Get the Look​: IKEA Besta Storage, $288

6. Make use of an entire wall.

Use one wall in your minimalist living room for most of your storage needs so the rest of your space can stay tidy and serene. This combination from the Hauga collection is the perfect way to corral your belongings, and it functions as a beautiful focal point. A clever mix of cabinets and open shelves lets you choose which items hide and which to show off.



Get the look​: IKEA Hauga, $660

7. Add some overhead light.

We love looking at all the lighting options at IKEA, especially the well-designed and expensive-looking floor lamps that cost significantly less than the competitors'. This arched lamp is perfect for minimal Scandi spaces that are lacking hardwired overhead ceiling lights. The texture of the knitted lampshade adds intrigue, while staying true to a minimalist look.


Get the look​: IKEA Skaftet Floor Lamp, $112

8. Save space with a side table.

Consider losing the coffee table and making a side or end table do all the work. A wheeled option like the one shown here is extra versatile, letting you easily adjust its position depending on your needs. This clever piece also doubles as a bar cart for when you have company.


Get the look​: IKEA Tingby Side Table, $70

9. Dress up the windows.

The white Belgian linen window treatment look is perfect for any minimalist living room. Not only can it offer some reprieve from harsh light, but it also makes a space appear more refined, as evidenced by this living room-slash-office. IKEA's Dytag crushed linen curtains are a true bargain, looking just as gorgeous as those triple the price.


Get the look​: IKEA Dytag Curtains (one pair), $70

10. Don't fear the white (slipcovered) sofa.

IKEA's Farlov sofa has become a cult favorite in the interior design world. Why? Not only does it offer a refined yet minimalist look similar to more expensive sofas from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, but it also features a removable slipcover that can be tossed in the wash when it needs freshening up. In the living room above, the Farlov effortlessly fits into a minimalist space full of texture and natural fibers.

Get the look:IKEA Farlov, $849

11. Add some plant life.

Minimalist spaces aren't known for having a ton of color. However, an easy way to infuse a little life into your living room is by adding live or faux plants. Place them on shelves, tables, or the windowsill. You can even hang them from the ceiling with one of IKEA's clever Anvandbar hanging plant holders.

Get the look:IKEA Avandbar, $20


12. Ground your space with a natural rug.

Natural jute rugs are always a great idea in a minimalist living room. This gorgeous, flatwoven Melholt rug is totally unique, with black wool interspersed throughout, handmade by craftspeople in India and Bangladesh. Place it in the center of your living room for a cohesive and cozy space.

Get the look:IKEA Melholt, $100

13. Customize your shelving.

Undeniably among IKEA's most iconic pieces, the Hemnes collection showcases the clean lines and elegant minimalism the brand is famous for. The shelves, which can be purchased open or with drawers and glass doors, are an excellent storage solution. The combination of two tall bookcases, plus a console, offers the look of a built-in unit for a fraction of the price.

Get the look:IKEA Hemnes Glass-Door Cabinet With 3 Drawers, $450

14. Consider multipurpose pieces of furniture.

IKEA is famous for designing great, multi-functioning pieces, from sleeper sofas to dining tables that transform into desks. Gamlehult, a rattan ottoman-slash-stool-stash-storage-pod, is perfect for small living spaces. On top of all the hats it wears in terms of functionality, it also infuses welcome texture into your living room.

Get the look:IKEA Gamelehult, $85

15. Create a sleek workspace.

Those who work from home and live in small spaces don't have to compromise when it comes to a home office. This living room and office setup offers a cohesive solution for work-from-homers. With its doors, white finish, and clean, geometric shape, it can store plenty of items while still supporting a minimalist look.

Get the look:IKEA Besta Storage Combination With Glass Doors, $514