8 IKEA Living Room Minimalist Furniture Ideas for Your Peace of Mind

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We can all agree: IKEA living room minimalist furniture does it right when it comes to simplicity and affordability. Consequently, if you're in the mood for a minimalist look for your living room, the Swedish store is a smart place to start. From sofas and side tables to unexpected items and cool storage, IKEA is the one-stop place to shop whether your budget is small or you just like a streamlined space.


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Minimalist decor may mean less is more, but it doesn't mean less style. So clear out the clutter, and then choose pieces that are both functional and chic. Some say the style even helps to reduce stress. Chic, functional, and stress-relieving all at once? Sign us up.

Here are eight IKEA living room minimalist furniture looks. They'll make you think less is more.

1. Fine-tune your tones.

No matter how big or small your living room is, make furniture more minimalist by sticking to one or two colors. This IKEA space wows in a wash of whites with the sofa, side chair, rug, and storage all in perfect harmony.

Get the look: IKEA Havsten Chair, $260, IKEA Svalsta Nesting Tables, $89.99, IKEA Vimle Sofa, $649

2. Choose a chair wisely.

You may have picked a sleek sofa for your living room. But remember: An accent chair can easily make a minimalist statement without breaking the bank.

Get the look: IKEA Vedbo Armchair, $199

3. Get (somewhat) serious about shelving.

IKEA has so many shelving options. And for your own bookshelf, try choosing a nice white finish like this to keep things sleek and simple for decorative books and accents.


Get the look: IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit, $68.99

4. Keep the sofa simple.

Seating is certainly essential in any living room. But think about skipping the chairs and going for a comfy sofa with a separate ottoman or accent stool to keep things easy on the eyes. Add a splash of sweet pink on the walls for a minimal pop.

Get the look: IKEA Kivik Loveseat, $599

5. Streamline storage.

We're crazy for credenzas, and IKEA nails the minimalist mood with this one. Go for two of them to double the storage and surface space.

Get the Look: IKEA Besta Storage, $275

6. Use a wall for it all.

Use one wall in your minimalist living room for most of your needs, so the rest of your space is more serene. Multiply these IKEA lockers as Croma Design did here; they add up to the perfect design solution.

Get the look: IKEA PS Lockers, $99


7. Floor it.

We love looking at all the lighting options at IKEA, especially the well-designed and super modern floor lamps. Pick one or two to add to the perfect ambiance in your minimal Scandi space.

Get the look: IKEA Arod Floor Lamp, $64.99

8. Take it to the side.

Consider losing the coffee table and make a side or end table do all the work. Add some casters to it, and you've got the perfect multipurpose surface you never thought you needed.

Get the look: IKEA Tingby Side Table, $49.99


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