How to Be a Minimalist With Color

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We'll be the first to say it: A minimalist decor scheme doesn't have to mean a total absence of color. More often than not, we associate the aesthetic with a near-monochrome palette anchored by neutrals. One where "loud" hues or colorful accessories deemed too distracting are swapped in favor of modest pieces that can just blend in. It's time to change all that.


Incorporating color into a minimalist space doesn't mean sacrificing your less-is-more approach to design but being more mindful of the pieces you bring in. A thoughtful arrangement fueled by color can still inspire a fresh wave of interest in a room, without overshadowing its existing character.

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Curious to see how it all plays out? Read on to discover the clever ways you can still be a minimalist with color.

1. Pare things down.

Geometric floor tiles combined with a matching blue vanity offset the rigid and ultra-modern lines of this rad Austin bath with an unexpected dose of character. Emulate this scene by sticking to a palette of no more than three hues to keep things cohesive.


Get the look: Moroccan Mosaic Blue/White Amlo Handmade 8 x 8 Cement Field Tile, $20.49 per square foot

2. Embrace the rule of three.

According to this age-old design trick, our mind perceives items grouped in threes to be appealing. Allow that to translate into your use of color by starting out small with just a few decorative accents that share a common hue. The bolder it is, the better — you want to be able to spot it immediately —especially if the room itself is essentially free of color. This quaint spot masters the trio with effortless ease.


Get the look: Wular Print by Somme, $96.52


3. Create an accent wall.

Pro tip: You can't go wrong with incorporating color into a minimalist space when the furnishings themselves are as contemporary as can be. Case in point? The dark sage shelving unit in this modern home that stands in as an understated yet wow-worthy moment.


Get the look: Crate & Kids Hampshire Tall Olive Green Bookcase, $599

4. Put up a painting.

A picture's worth a thousand words, and the same goes for art in a minimalist space. If you prefer to keep a room filled with the bare minimum, do so with furnishings of a muted palette and bring in oversize wall art to double as the main source of color.


Get the look: Anthropologie Niosa II Wall Art, $398

5. Highlight the basics.

Consider this a prime example of exactly how to be a minimalist with color. Luxe textiles, an earthy scheme, and a patterned detail or two combine to invite a wealth of interest in a room that's free of the superfluous, yet stylish all the same.



Get the look: Joss & Main Lindel Sofa, $869.99

6. Go all out.

Minimalism in a kids' space? It can happen, and this dreamy spot is the only proof we need. All it takes is an explosive use of color that can dominate the space, leaving little else to be desired on the accessories or decor front.


Get the look: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Chalk Style Paint, $32

7. Lay the groundwork.

For a minimal yet colorful dining room, something as simple as a dyed rug can function as the main element in the room. Take things to the next level with a statement-worthy source of lighting — like the chandelier in this midcentury modern spot — that shares a similar hue.


Get the look: Bloomsbury Market Leidi Traditional Olive Green/Beige Area Rug, $113.99 - $339.99

8. Take advantage of textiles.

When it comes to the bedroom, being a minimalist with color is as easy as layering in a saturated throw. In this modestly decked room, the all-white and wood scheme is elevated by a handful of cool blue accents and a textured, graphic pillow for good measure.

Get the look: Peacock Alley Seaside Blanket Throw, $180



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