Top 10 Kitchen Color Ideas That Go With Maple Cabinets

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A huge part of a kitchen remodel is figuring out the right color palette. Something that is on-trend yet timeless and will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the decor, like your cabinets. While this task can be a little tricky, wood cabinetry — whether honey oak, hickory, or maple — can add warmth, texture, and natural beauty to any kitchen design. Not to mention, the rustic material can also serve as an excellent backdrop for vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and curated decor. But with so many shades to choose from, how are homeowners supposed to decide? So glad that you asked. Scroll on for a few helpful tips and tricks as well as some of our favorite colors to pair with maple kitchen cabinets.


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Wood for Living Spaces

Wood paneling, flooring, and cabinets that are newer have a different patina than older wood features, which have had time to acquire a rich patina, as well as more complexity and depth.


Whether you're dealing with oak, light maple, cherry, or walnut, wood's natural finish can be enhanced by paint, textiles, and home decor. The overall tone can range from rich, dark reddish or bluish and gray-based browns to brighter yellows or muted orange hues. When choosing a base color, consider the dominant hue within the wood fixtures, trim, or built-ins.


If you prefer a high-contrast color scheme, or if you would rather the wood be the centerpiece in the room, consider pairing your built-ins with a shade of dark brown. And don't be afraid to mix different types of wood, such as smoky mahogany with buttery oak, for a warm and layered look.


Understanding the Color Wheel

When selecting a color scheme for a culinary space filled with wood fixtures, first determine if the wood is yellow or blue-based. From there, you can decide to contrast the wood with a complementary or analogous shade from the color wheel. For instance, natural maple with yellow highlights would work well with sunnier hues. In contrast, a color from the blue side of the wheel with a green undertone will offer a bold, contrasting effect.


Colors That Go With Maple Wood

Paint colors that go with maple cabinets are abundant, but choosing the right hue can really highlight the tone of your wood. For instance, to bring out the warmer notes in maple wood, consider a mild taupe, rich mushroom, or bamboo shade for the wall color or tile. But if you're looking to make a bold statement, opt for something a little more vibrant.


Regardless, here are the 10 color ideas that top our list and will look stunning next to a bank of maple cabinets.

1. Yellow

Yellow kitchen walls will draw out a similar tone in maple cabinetry, resulting in a cohesive look for your culinary space.


2. Orange

For a bold shade that also ties into the warm finish of maple, orange is an eye-catching choice.

3. Mushroom

Mushroom, a light gray paint that leans green, is a fantastic neutral hue that still offers a bit of visual interest.


4. Bright Green

If you really want to brighten up your kitchen, consider a bright, vibrant shade of green. Pulled from the blue side of the color wheel, it will juxtapose beautifully with warm maple cabinets.

5. Turquoise

To keep your kitchen looking daring and dreamy, ponder turquoise walls, another hue that will contrast nicely with maple cabinetry.

6. Teal

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from turquoise, teal is an on-trend wall color that will also provide dreamy contrast.

7. Light Blue

Perhaps you don't want to go quite as bold as bright green, turquoise, or teal. In this case, light blue will also provide that juxtaposition you desire with your maple cabinets — but won't look quite as saturated.

8. Taupe

To go truly neutral in your kitchen space, taupe is always a picture-perfect match when partnered with maple cabinets.

9. Mint Green

Mint green is a current favorite in the interior design world, and it also happens to pair nicely with maple cabinets.

10. White

Maple cabinets will always pair flawlessly with pure white, something that will allow you to take out the guesswork completely.

Paint Colors for Dark Woods

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For a high contrast look, paint colors that go with dark natural wood tend to be lighter and from the sunnier side of the color wheel.

  • Sage green
  • Kelly green
  • Light blue
  • Light Gray
  • Orange
  • Mustard yellow

How to Choose the Perfect Color Combinations

When you have wood kitchen cabinets and you're aiming for a color scheme that mirrors your personality, tastes, and decor style, it's key to think about how much contrast or lack of contrast you want to create. As mentioned, homeowners who choose shades from the warmer side of the color wheel will create a more cohesive look, since maple is characterized by yellow tones. But to display some visual interest and tension, go for any hue on the cooler side of the wheel.

To sum up, here are the most important things to keep in mind when you're working with maple cabinets:

  • Wood cabinets can range from rich, dark reds to gray-based browns to bright yellows to shades of muted orange.
  • Determine if your maple cabinets have a yellow or blue base, which will help determine your overall palette.
  • Also, decide if you want to highlight or contrast the wood with your paint color and kitchen decor.
  • For neutral hues, aim for taupe, mushroom, or bamboo to go with your natural maple cabinets.
  • Some of our favorite resources when selecting kitchen paint colors include Sherwin-Williams, Clare, Farrow & Ball, PPG, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.