7 Teal Kitchen Island Ideas That Won't Give You the Blues

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These days, it's a safe bet that most homeowners are looking to incorporate a kitchen island into their culinary headquarters, but how can you make it stand out from the crowd? We've got the answer you've been looking for. Try it in the color teal. A combination of green and blue, teal will provide a boost of energy to the heart of your home, while also creating a calming ambiance. Perfect for a kitchen, eh? Now get ready, because these teal kitchen island ideas will have you running to your local hardware store in search of the perfect shade.


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1. Soften the look.

Teal has the ability to work extraordinarily well in bohemian style homes, adding a pop of color and personality. Pair it with light wood countertops and textured stools for an open and inviting result that will encourage your entire family to sit around the kitchen island while you cook. Just ask Jess Ann Kirby.


Get the look:Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue

2. Add brass accents.

If you want to add some metallic contrast to your cook space, opt for rich brass accents. They'll look so chic against a teal island. Your faucet can showcase the luxe hue, and the light fixtures and cabinet hardware can be gold as well.


Get the look:Behr Mermaid Sea

3. Make it luxe.

A dark teal shade can create a whole lot of drama in a culinary space, offering a slightly more sumptuous feel than gray and a brighter look than navy. Emily Henderson has perfected the luxe kitchen island idea in this high-end design, teaming teal with marble countertops that showcase green veining. We're pretty sure the chef will approve.


Get the look:Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green

4. Work the neutrals.

Teal can take on a dark and dramatic look, a muted vibe, or a vibrant, over-the-top aesthetic, and while we've already established that the shade works well with fresh white walls and light wood accents, this kitchen by Kyal and Kara is a lesson in how it's done with a minimal touch. Not every minimalist is averse to color, and the moody teal kitchen island in this scheme really packs a punch.


Get the look:Dulux Empress Teal

5. Get industrial.

An L-shaped kitchen island idea makes cooking simple, but this design by Intervention Architecture is anything but. The teal shade works perfectly with the exposed brick wall and sleek white countertops, while the paneled design of the island adds depth and visual interest.


Get the look:Behr Essential Teal

6. Modernize!

Pair your teal kitchen island with brass accents and presto, you've got an ultra-modern cook space with some serious style. This glamorous design by a Sweeten homeowner also utilizes pale gray walls, two-tone kitchen cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances for a simple but impactful aesthetic.​


Get the look:Benjamin Moore Pine Green

7. Keep it traditional but contemporary.

If you're craving traditional Shaker-style cabinetry in your cook space, update the look with a teal kitchen island. While this design from Herringbone Kitchens could have been humdrum, the vivid color and gold wire seating adds a fresh take on a conventional design.

Get the look:Benjamin Moore Bermuda Turquoise