The 15 Best Bedside Lamps for Every Type of Interior Design Style

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Bedside lamps are not only a must-have to provide enough light for comfortable bedtime reading, but we also want them to look great in the space.


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Choosing the right nightstand lamp can be confusing, though — after all, there are so many options. The most important thing to get right when selecting a bedside lamp is the sizing. For a rule of thumb, your bedside lamp should be one-third the width of your nightstand when measured at the lamp's widest point.

Once you have the width, you need to figure out the height. Assuming that your bedside table is the same height as your mattress, you want your lamp to be around the same height as your nightstand, plus a couple of inches. So, if your nightstand table is about 24 inches high, a lamp that's 26-27 inches tall will sit perfectly. Remember: you don't want the lamp to shine over your head, nor do you want the light to be right in your eyes.

To help you narrow down your search, we've chosen some of the best bedside lamps out there. Keep reading to find a nightstand lamp that fits your budget, style, and features preferences.

Small but mighty, this classic stoneware base bedside lamp is the perfect decorative touch to add to your bedroom. The fabric lampshade gives you a soft and decorative light that creates the ideal balance of brightness and warmth for the bedroom.

For a table lamp that will add a bit of glam and style to your bedroom, the Amelia Crystal Vase lamp is your perfect match. Adorned with a white fabric shade, this crystal table lamp will add a bit of sparkle to your bedside table without being too empowering.


Midcentury and midcentury modern design enthusiasts will love this design's sleek lines and unique shapes. Try something new and use these desk lamps as a beautiful statement piece in your bedroom with their unexpected shape and iconic style.

For the bedside readers, this contemporary and adjustable sconce swings out to give you perfect lighting. With a black satin finish, the shades have a white interior to maximize the glow, making them ideal for bedtime reading. These are the ultimate compliment to your modern bedroom.

If you have a modern bedroom, the Lachlin table lamp will be an eye-catching addition to your bedside table. These lamps feature the iconic dome-shaped shade that's distinctly modern. And the golden antique brushed brass adds another layer of charming appeal to this beside lamp.

6. Best Minimalist: IKEA Dejsa Table Lamp, $37.99

For a bedside lamp that will seamlessly blend with your minimalist decor, the Dejsa table lamp from IKEA is the best choice. Part of the mouth-blown opal glass collection, the soft, dim light will give you a cozy atmosphere your minimalistic-decorated room will appreciate.


7. Best for Small Spaces: IKEA ISBRYTARE Table Lamp, $9.99

If your bedside table is on the smaller side, you'll appreciate this compact table lamp. This table lamp with clean lines in white glass gives you the perfect warm light for a cozy atmosphere. It's the ideal bedside lamp to go with any style, and it doesn't take up much nightstand space.

For a traditional style with a timeless design, this ceramic table lamp by Threshold, designed by Studio McGee, is a winner. The bright white ceramic base with vertical rib details and the white drum shade gives you a clean and effortless look that will seamlessly blend with your traditional decor.

Hop on the farmhouse decor trend with this lamp set from the Kelly Clarkson Home collection. The perfect balance of rustic and elegant details will fit right in with your farmhouse or French country decor. For the traditional decor enthusiast, this lamp set will brighten up your bedroom with style and personality.

Wrought iron accents are staples of industrial designs, and this oil-rubbed bronze lantern lamp fits right into any industrial-style bedroom. Featuring a vintage-style Edison bulb, this lamp gives you a statement piece that will instantly transform your bedroom and masterfully channel the essence of the industrial aesthetic.


11. Best Tech: Casper Glow Light, $129

Your nightstand lamp can do so much for you. This smart lamp is made for bedtime. It's a wireless charging touch lamp that gradually dims to lull you to sleep. It also gently lights up to wake you up with warm natural light for a relaxing way to rise.

Bring glam and ambient lighting to your bedroom with this modern desk lamp. The freestanding style with a gold-tone slender pole is perfect for small spaces. But it's the dimmer effect that lets you adjust the light and mood that will transform your room.

With a stunning clean design and two pull chains to operate two bulbs independently, these lamps will give you absolute light control. They also have handy USB ports to charge smartphones and other devices. The bronze finish bases and metal construction paired with fabric shades give you a modern industrial design that will be a statement in any room you place these.

This clean-line bedside table lamp with a modern silhouette can fit into any industrial style or contemporary bedroom. It features touch control, dimmable lighting, and a USB port to ensure your devices are always charged.


Inspired by kerosene lamps and mood lighting, this table lamp gives you a distinct vintage-retro look that will transform your bedroom looks. The built-in dimmer helps you adjust the brightness, making it perfect for reading or relaxing in bed.