Need Some Glam in Your Life? This Lamps Plus Collab Can Help

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In the intro to her book ​Inspire Your Home: Easy, Affordable Ideas to Make Every Room Glamorous​, designer Farah Merhi writes that "the sense of inner peace a beautifully decorated and organized home offers will allow you to feel fulfilled and inspired to tackle your day." We couldn't agree more, tbh.


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Merhi is the founder of Inspire Me! Home Decor, a design site she started in 2012 that has since grown to an Instagram following of over six million followers. You can also find her on TikTok, where a little more than one million followers take notes on her hacks and decor tips.

Her book is all about taking on each room of your space — from the dining area to your work corner — and styling it in a purposeful and chic way. She also shares tips on everything from styling faux florals to re-organizing your pantry.


Now, Merhi has collaborated with Lamps Plus on a series of designs that are sure to up the glam level of any space.

"Lighting is absolutely critical when designing a room to set the tone and mood," Merhi said in a press release.

The collection features table lamps, lamp shades, and chandeliers — all of which we could see working in a Hollywood Regency or modern art deco style. Of course, as Merhi stresses in her book, there are no rules. You could easily add a chandelier to your desk area, too, if you wanted.


Check out some of the collection's finds below and learn more here.

1. Puffs Gold Shade by Inspire Me Home Decor with Apothecary Glass Table Lamp, $99.99

2. Bruini Wide Bronze Crystal 4-Light Chandelier by Inspire Me Home, $499.99


3. Rochelle Wide White Drum 4-Light Pendant Light by Inspire Me Home, $229.99


4. Gathering Gold Shade by Inspire Me Home Decor with Mengden Black Table Lamp, $99.99