8 Jewelry Organization Ideas for Your Most Treasured Possessions

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We all know the virtues of being organized: It streamlines your life by making it easier to find things, and it contributes to creating a soothing and productive environment. But when it comes to treasured possessions such as photos and jewelry, proper storage and organization practices will also help preserve and safeguard them against damage. And with all of the tiny pieces and easy-to-clump together parts, it's common for jewelry collections to turn into an unwieldy mess — so it goes without saying that storage and organization solutions specifically made for these precious items are a must.


As with any organization project, the first thing you'll want to do when tackling your jewelry is gather your collection and thoughtfully go through it. Once it's untangled, edit down to only the pieces you want to keep. It's always challenging to part with belongings, and because of its real and perceived value, jewelry is probably at the top of that list. Take your time: Pull out things that are broken (and you'd like to fix), create clusters of jewelry you'd like to donate or sell, filter out costume pieces that you can toss, as well as sentimental pieces you don't wear, but want to store.

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Sort what you're keeping by type and then purchase dedicated storage options that will keep your delicate items safe and knot-free. For necklaces, flat trays, hanging posts, or looped snap tabs work wonders. Sturdier rings can be placed together worry-free while earrings can be kept in slots or placed through dedicated holes.

Ready to take your collection to the next level? Check out these eight jewelry organization ideas.


1. Divide your drawers.

We love an organized drawer and these DIY Hikidashi boxes by Hunker contributor Trisha Sprouse are a jewelry organization idea perfect for those who have ample drawers. Not up to a DIY activity? There are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions that can be stacked and integrated to streamline and maximize your jewelry storage.


Get the look:The Container Store Avera Jewelry Organizer Trays, $29 - $99

2. Choose an elegant holder.

Add beauty and elegance to your daily jewelry storage needs with an easy-to-access countertop jewelry organizer that you'll want to show-off. Look for one with ample arms which allow necklaces to breathe and keep tangles at bay, like this one seen on Lux Mommy.



Get the look:CB2 White Marble Get Organized Large Tabletop Storage, $89.95

3. Embrace a timeless jewelry box.

Introduce a timeless jewelry organizer to your repertoire with a white jewelry box featuring simple lines. This one from seen on Homey Oh My (check out the DIY tutorial) is lined in black velvet and caters to earring and ring storage.


Get the look:West Elm Mid-Century Jewelry Box, $90

4. Opt for an on-the-go carryall.

Keep your jewelry organized and prepped for the return of spur of the moment getaways in this handsome and handy leather jewelry organizer from Leatherology. It's available in a range of colors from red to yellow and what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with compartments for all of your essentials.


Get the look:Leatherology Large Jewelry Case, $85

5. Make the most of a catchall.

Beautify bedside tables with a pint-size catchall or two — they're the ideal vessels for quickly stashing trinkets and baubles at the end of an evening. You can't go wrong with a rustic hand-thrown ceramic bowl or one made from sophisticated marble.



Get the look:Shoppe by Amber Interiors Large Marble Dish, $25

6. Customize your closet.

For those who take jewelry organization seriously (and have the room and budget to spare), consider customizing your closet with a dedicated floor-to-ceiling, built-in cabinet that's been tricked out to easily display and access all of your gems. LA Closet Design executed this dreamy wardrobe with a jewelry armoire for a lucky client.


7. Mount a mirror with integrated jewelry hooks.

Save precious counter space with a wall-mounted two-in-one mirror and jewelry organizer like this industrial version seen on Style by Emily Henderson. A trio of hooks are strong enough to handle heavier accessories, such as purses, and are the perfect perch to keep necklaces, bracelets, and even larger rings at the ready. The mirror makes putting it all on a cinch.


Get the look:Urban Outfitters Leni Leaning Mirror, $169

8. Introduce some kitsch.

Think outside the (jewelry) box when considering storage and organization ideas for your jewelry, and opt for something kitschy and unexpected instead. The folks at Glickman Design Studio decorated an alcove, perfectly sized to hold a petite dresser, with glam wallpaper, luxe accessories, and a dash of whimsy.

Get the look:Zodax Ceramic Stagg Head, $85



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