10 Cool Jewelry Organizers That Deserve to Take Center Stage On Your Vanity

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These days, jewelry organizers come in such an array of shapes and sizes that it can be challenging to narrow down an ideal fit. Do you go for the utilitarian option, the design-forward one, or compromise on an alternative that's somewhere in the middle? All in all, it boils down to where it will live — on top of a vanity, hanging on the wall, etc. — and the purpose it's meant to serve, beyond just functioning as a landing pad for your baubles.


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First, you need to survey what you own and allow that to inform the type of jewelry organizer you invest in. If you have significantly more necklaces than rings, it should account for that. No one likes detangling a jumble of chains. Classic vessels with drawers, lids, and compartmentalized trays are great if you have a diverse and abundant collection, but if you want to keep a tight edit of your daily wear easily in reach, consider a tiered stand or trinket dish. Either way, where you plan on keeping it, and what you expect to store in it will be a good marker for what you should buy. Allow the 10 jewelry organizers ahead to inspire you.


1. Umbra Stowit Storage Box, $60

Umbra's approach to jewelry organizers is all about marrying form and function with effortless ease. The modern design of this piece consists of hidden compartments and drawers — that come in a variety of sizes — built to hold essentials and keep them out of sight. Use the top to display your staples, while the rest remains beautifully and safely tucked away inside.


2. Anthropologie Persephone Jewelry Organizer, $98

If you're looking for jewelry organizers that can double as decor, this wall-mounted brass fixture from Anthropologie is the way to go. The intricate detailing of the Hellenic-inspired piece cleverly conceals a number of mini hooks and latches meant to house everything from rings to necklaces.


3. Yamazaki Tower Earring Stand, $19.99

Earring storage and organization can range from felt pads to hanging racks but we're partial to this tower stand by Yamazaki. Its streamlined design allows your jewelry to remain the center of attention without clashing with the backdrop. The steel unit comes with three levels and can comfortably fit 12 pairs of earrings, mini studs included.


4. Pottery Barn Ultimate Extra-Large Mirrored Jewelry Box, $299

For the romantics at heart, nothing beats a classic jewelry organizer like this heirloom mirrored box. The best part? Its storage capabilities are aplenty. The topmost layer features 12 compartments while the first drawer has 18 and the bottom half comes with a combined spacious four.


5. CB2 Black Marble Get Organized Small Tabletop Storage, $79.95

Keep your favorite items stylishly on display with this sleek jewelry organizer from CB2. Comprised of black marble and acrylic, the piece has inset trays, along with two standing bars for necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings.


6. Mark and Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case, $69

If your idea of a jewelry organizer entails portability, these travel-friendly cases from Mark and Graham are the way to go. Available in a variety of sizes, the zippered pouches include a soft interior lining with ring inserts and little cubbies for earrings and more.


7. Urban Outfitters Trigem Tabletop Jewelry Stand, $29

You can't go wrong with jewelry storage and organization ideas that incorporate a chic, eye-catching display. Enter this lustrous multilevel stand from Urban Outfitters that's all about keeping your staples at the center of attention. A dish at the bottom is prime for holding rings and smaller trinkets while the tiers up top allow you to hang a wide array of items.


8. West Elm Modern Lacquer Jewelry Box, $130

Jewelry organizers with unexpected details are always a welcome touch and this sleek find from West Elm certainly delivers. Its curved frame, gold metal accents, and blush velvet interior are just the start. A mirrored lid reveals ring and jewelry storage inside along with plenty of compartments and three drawers to boot.


9. Shopbop @Home Lizard Embossed Jewelry Travel Box, $110

When it comes to portable jewelry organizers, you want something compact yet roomy, that can still look good when sitting on top of your dresser. This vibrant option, with its push-lock closure, includes two lift-out trays (with added room at the bottom) and an eclectic array of dedicated ring, earring, and necklace storage solutions.

10. H&M Clear Glass Jewelry Box, $19.99

For the items you'd prefer to house in plain view, see-through jewelry organizers are an ideal solution. One with vibrant metal detailing is even better. This clear glass box comes with four convenient compartments, a mirrored base, and padding on the bottom.


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