These Are the Art Deco Colors That We're Currently Obsessed With

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Every design style out there seems to have its own customary color palette. Farmhouse leans towards whites and creams. Midcentury is known for its punchy oranges and yellows. And craftsman style is famed for its neutral earth tones.


And then there's art deco style. Although there are some colors that tend to be associated with the glamorous aesthetic, like brass or bright hues (if you're pushing it toward Hollywood Regency visuals), nowadays, you can pretty much take your pick when it comes to selecting a palette.

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There's only one rule. Art deco colors should always look glam, bold, sumptuous, and saturated, something that's proven in each and every one of these gorgeous examples.

1. Black and Neutrals

Black is a color that's customarily associated with art deco style. It's timeless yet dramatic, especially when represented in curvaceous silhouettes and punctuated with gleaming brass. For a palette that honors 1920s visuals and mingles with modern neutrals, get inspired by this bedroom created by Dabito of Old Brand New: pops of black paired with brown, white, and shades of blue.


Get the look: Jungalow Collection by Justina Blakeney Fabricut Maile Indigo Fabric, $100.40 per yard

2. Blush Hues

Art deco style is inherently feminine, with its curled floral designs, elegant metallic finishes, and soft-edged furniture. Embrace that '20s spirit with equally feminine art deco colors. This swanky work space/vanity table vignette showcases a palette of ladylike blush, warm wood tones, and lustrous brass.


Get the look: Soho Home x Anthropologie Oak Deco Mirror, $598


3. Blue and White

You may prefer a current take on '20s style, opting for an airy color palette that still communicates your love for all-things-art-deco. In this case, take a cue from this luxe blue and white living room setup. The channel-tufted velvet sofa, sculptural brass coffee table, and patterned area rug keep the look modern.


Get the look: Brayden Studio Donahoe Sofa, $1,200

4. Emerald Green and Brass

Gravitating toward rich emerald green and shimmering brass? You're not the only one. But this art deco color combination isn't for the faint of heart. Pair it with vintage decor and weathered accents for a bold look that immediately turns heads, as witnessed by this cozy nook showcasing a swanky pendant.


Get the look: Macy's Ren Wil Damas Pendant, $1,099.99

5. Eclectic

Art deco style can lend itself to a variety of other design aesthetics, making its way into Hollywood Regency and midcentury spaces alike. So it comes as no surprise that art deco colors can be equally eclectic. As long as you integrate hues that are daring and stick to signature trademarks, like geometric patterns and plush fabrics, you'll nail the look — something that's proven by this multicolored bedroom belonging to Jewel of Jeweled Interiors.

Get the look: Anthropologie Havenview Mural, $228



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