17 Perfect Gifts From Individual Medley for Every Type of Friend

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When it comes to indie boutiques, L.A.'s Individual Medley is at the top of our list for pretty much everything: fashion, beauty, home goods, but especially gifts. The Atwater Village store is known for sourcing up-and-coming designers and products, which means there's a good chance you'll find something unique there. Best of all, Individual Medley's online shop is always filled with up-to-date offerings, so when you're desperately lookingfor perfect present, it's a trusted source. Here, some gift ideas for literally every type of friend.


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Is she always wearing something cool before you see it on Instagram? An offbeat, abstract rug says "I get your artsy ways."


Video of the Day

Buy: Cold Picnic Secret Garden Rug, $90

2. For Your Neat-Freak Friend

Fact: Small, designer brooms are a thing. And it's taken us a while to figure out why. The answer? Some people appreciate the beauty in cleaning.


Buy: Richman Dustpan Set, $32

3. For Your Minimalist Friend

Chances are your Friend Who Is Always Ahead of the Trends had one of Lucy Michel's circular vases about a year ago. But for your minimalist friend who is careful about what she brings into her home, this simple, organic design should be perfect.


Buy: Lucy Michel Sand Loop Vase, $150

4. For the Friend Who Knows Everything About Alcohol

Pour water into this doo-dad, freeze, and you've got a glass half-filled with a wedge of ice. Which, apparently, is perfect for sipping fine alcohols. (They would know.)



Buy: Corksicle Whiskey Wedge, $18

5. For the Friend Whose Home Is a Museum

You already know the drill: Shoes off at the door, water goes in specific glasses, and whatever you do DON'T PUT YOUR GLASSES ON THE MARBLE TABLE. (Well, they have a point: Marble is porous.) Anyhow ... chances are, these coasters will only add to an existing collection, but will make them happy nevertheless.


Buy: Xenia Taler Coaster Set, $39

6. For Your Millennial Plant-Loving Friend

We all have that one bestie who has a new plant each week. Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi makes planters that seem to please everyone — they're useful and those colorful swirly designs are swoon-worthy.


Buy: Helen Levi Planter, $112

7. For Your Brunch-Obsessed Friend

If his or her Instagram is filled with pictures of plates of eggs and toast, chances are, they follow Sqirl, L.A.'s cult brunch spot known for their homemade jams.



Buy: Sqirl Jam, $15

8. For Your Friend Who Has Nailed Midcentury Decor

This brass bottle opener would be the ideal finishing touch on an expertly styled midcentury living room.


Buy: Fort Standard Brass Bottle Opener, $60

9. For the Impossibly Positive Friend

For your bud who is always looking on the bright side, this decorative glass piece will literally allow him to see the world through colored glasses.


Buy: Debbie Bean Stained Glass Triangle, $45

10. For the Friend Throwing a Housewarming Party

Le sigh. Your friend just bought a house. Meanwhile, you're lightyears behind because someone told you about Dogecoin and it obliterated your savings. Here's a housewarming gift that's appropriate and useful, but doesn't show too much excitement.


Buy: Areaware Key Ring, $16

11. For Your Work-Wife Who Always Has a Cup of Tea

Kinto's Unimug is made from a magical, heat-resistant material and comes with a lid and built-in strainer that any tea-obsessed person will adore.

Buy: Kinto Unimug, $17

12. For Your Extra-Healthy Friend

So, uh, apparently this charcoal can filter your water and do about a million other handy things. Your friend will know what to do with it.

Buy: Binchotan Charcoal, $29

13. For the Friend Who Loves Music but Isn't Quite an Audiophile

Do you have a pal who brings their iPhone with them everywhere in the house because they can't quit Spotify or whatever podcast they're addicted to? And it's always that trick of putting it in a glass? This is the same idea but looks a way nicer.


Buy: Lucy Michel Lo-Fi Speaker, $120

14. For Your 'Spiritual' Friend

This mist is made with some super special oil found only in some super specific tree in Japan and is good for depression and relaxation. But it also keeps bugs away. So, let's say this is for your spiritual friend or your friend who hates insects?

Buy: Topanga Love Atmosphere Mist, $42

15. For Your 4/20 Friend

At this point, everyone has at least a few weed connoisseurs running in their circles.

Buy: Level Up Ceramics Squiggle Piece, $66

16. For Your Writer Friend

We could talk all day about how these pens are the perfect pens. Just trust us.

Buy: Poketo Prism Rollerball Pen, $6

17. For the Friend You Can't Quite Figure Out

We all have someone on our list who is a tough one to pin down in terms of taste or interests. A basket is a pretty safe bet because they'll find a use for it somehow — whether it becomes a place to store blankets, a decorative covering for a planter, or a new spot for the cat to chill.

Buy: Olliella Natural Woven Baset, $34



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