The 10 Most Unique and Beautiful Wine Glasses

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You have your everyday wine glasses and your special wine glasses — and then you have your ultra-special-one-of-a-kind-conversation-starter-cherish-them-forever wine glasses. The latter are the ones you save up for, put on your wedding registry, or splurge on for a major treat-yourself moment. From blown glass vessels to recycled treasures, here are the 10 coolest wine glasses, probably ever.


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1. Viski Raye Stemless Wine Glass (set of 2), $24.99

Elegant and undeniably unique, these rolling glasses will wow even your hardest to impress dinner guests.


2. Antoni Barcelona Handblown Painted Wine Glass (set of 4), $68

No two glasses are alike, as each one is handmade and mouth-blown by artisans. It's like a modern take on stained glass.


3. Dillon Burroughs Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses (set of 2), $50

Decant your wine right in the glass with this mesmerizing drinking contraption. Why decant? Evan Conroy from Winc says, "It generally enhances the wine, based on the type you are drinking." He continues, "It will help release aroma, and oxidize the wine, which can smooth it out." Well, looks like we're officially sold on this two-in-one invention. And bonus? Chill your whiskey without watering it down by adding ice to the central chamber pre-pour.


4. Green Games Handblown Recycled Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4), $64

We are always here for a recycled purchase, especially when it's this beautiful. The texture and detail are subtle yet chic, and these vessels can easily be used for other beverages as well.


5. Bitossi Wine Glasses (set of 6), $180

At the intersection of traditional and contemporary are these gradient stemmed glasses from Bitossi, a family that's retailed ceramics from the Montelupo Fiorentino region of Italy since 1537.


6. Ferm LIVING Ripple Wine Glasses (set of 2), $55

The ribbed texture and subtle smoke color make these glasses unique, yet eternally timeless.


7. The Food52 Vintage Shop Moroccan Spanish-Style Wine Glasses (set of 6), $84

Glasses like these are used to serve wine all across Spain. This specific model is handblown in Morocco (look at those tiny bubble details). The best part? They're super easy to store.


8. Rifle Paper Co. Stemless Wine Cup, $29.95

Roadie, anyone? This 12-ounce stemless wine cup will keep your drinks cool for nine hours. Plus, it comes in four adorable floral patterns. A perfect gift for your favorite wine lover.


9. Departo Wine Glass, $16

Round of applause for this perfect display of modern simplicity. Guess what? The stem doubles as a shot glass. Innovation at its finest.


10. Estelle Mixed Colored Glass Handblown Colored Wine Glasses (set of 6), $175

Have you ever seen prettier colors? Estelle Colored Glass is a highly-regarded brand, with products you will cherish for years to come. These are 100% worth the investment.


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