15 Giftable Mugs for Every Personality Type

red feminist mug
credit: Burke Decor

Is a mug one of those "easy" gifts that can be seen as a cop-out? Sure. But when done right, a mug is a perfect present — something the person proudly uses every day, that makes them think of you with each sip. So you can't gift just any mug; it's got to be a highly specific choice. We did our best to cover a number of different personalities below. Hope you find something they'll like!

1. For Your Culinary Friend:

le creuset mug
credit: Le Creuset

If they're a genius in the kitchen, chances are they have their fair share of Le Creuset cookware — so why not a mug to match?

2. For Your Pal Who Always Has the Cutest Sh*t:

You know this person: All of their accessories are just a little bit extra. So a llama mug with little "feet" is sure to delight them

3. For Your Type-A Friend:

For the person who's always on the go but likes to be busy in style: a handmade ceramic coffee cup with a very on-trend marble swirl and silicon lid.

4. For the Politically Correct Intellectual:

Fishs Eddy American Activists Mug, $14.95
credit: Nordstrom

A mug with a daily reminder of all their heroes including MLK, Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk, and more.

5. For the Purist/Minimalist:

Pigeon Toe Matte Ceramic Mug, $42
credit: Food52

They've got a self-imposed uniform, and they despise clutter? Try one of these oh-so-touchable mugs from Portland collective Pigeon Toe — they're not fancier than they have to be.

6. For Your "Kooky" Buddy:

O-M Ceramic Geometric Speckles Mug, $56
credit: O-M

These distinctive mugs are all handmade, so each one is unique. Much like your friend!

7. For Your Friend Who Is Too Extra:

Okay, so chances are you're not really feeling like dropping $300 on a single mug for your fancy friend ... but perhaps this could serve as inspiration for the knock-off you'll hope they deem acceptable.

8. For Your Feminist Ally:

red feminist mug
credit: Burke Decor

If they've already got at least one feminist T-shirt, chances are they could use a desk mug that proudly displays their stance.

9. For the "Cool" Newlyweds:

Christina Kosinski "Mayhem" Mug, $43
credit: Leif Shop

If you've already gotten them a wedding gift but find yourself in a position where you also have to get them something for the holidays, try purchasing two of Atlanta-based ceramicist Christina Kosinski's mugs. Each has a unique glaze, and yet, they just go together. Awww.

10. For the "Artiste":

Poketo Art Every Day Mug, $14
credit: Poketo

Here's a mug for your arty friend who eschews labels ... and yet wants everyone to acknowledge their superiority.

11. For the Cat/Dog People:

Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Royal Doulton Dinnerware Cat or Dog Mug, $9.99
credit: Burke Decor

Guaranteed animal-lovers' crowd-pleaser. Plus, it was designed by ELLEN! Double win.

12. For Your Work Spouse:

Ban.do "Yes You Can!" Mug, $10.99
credit: Ban.do

For your work wife/husband/spouse: a mug that encourages them to keep going until 5 p.m.

13. For Your Best Friend:

Risa Nishimori Porcelain Mug, $60
credit: Mociun

If you're going to buy a mug for your VERY best friend, it either needs to be the world's best inside joke ... or something that's actually really gorgeous, like this handpainted Risa Nishimori mug.

14. For Your Mate With Very Large Hands:

Workaday's hand-thrown mugs feature extra-large handles, perfect for your giant-like friends.

15. For the Coworker Always Complaining That Someone Took "Their" Mug:

Not only can you put your coworker's name directly on this mug, but you can also choose from a "menu" to customize a character that looks like them — so there will never, ever be any more confusion.

Looking for more gifts? Try:

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