13 (Mostly) Affordable Gifts for Your Friend Who Is So Extra

cat incense burner
credit: Catbird

We all have that one friend. You know — they're always dressing for the job they want, not the job they have. Their Halloween parties are basically religious experiences. They aren't afraid to paint a room the same shade as Gwen Stefani's hair circa 1999. So when it comes to the holidays, it isn't easy to find them gifts they'll actually love. So we've done our best to find statement-making accessories, that mostly come with affordable price tags.

HAY Sowden Bottle, $35
credit: HAY

If they have the "design" version of everything, then HAY's water bottle is a definite yes — it's like a Swell bottle, but more interesting and colorful.

Eva Schildt for Klong Brass Ang Vase, $100
credit: Huset

Because they like it when their stuff does extra work for them.

A24 x Joya "Western" Candle, $48
credit: A24

Movie snob? Try a candle from A24 x Joya's genre-inspired collection with scents like Horror, Western, Thriller, etc.

ButterUp Knife, $20
credit: MoMA

Mind. Blown.

Tied Paper Towel Holder, $45
credit: TIED

When they are so into details, even paper towels need glamour.

Tsubota Pearl Lighter, $30
credit: Tetra

If you're extra, you definitely have a cool lighter lying around artfully in bowl of seemingly "random" knick-knacks.

Astier de Villatte Cat Incense Burner, $320
credit: Catbird

If you've got a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then hello, WE NEED THIS incense burner.

Regenbogen Modern Crystal Ashtray, $89
credit: Consort

Even fab non-smokers need prism-like ashtrays.

DOIY Cane Tape Dispenser, $30
credit: Beam BK

No cane no gain!

Trudon Madeleine Candles, $24
credit: Trudon

These are the same candles that used to light the Madeleine in Paris. C'est true.

Not sure why smoking has suddenly become a theme of this list. To be clear: We don't condone it. But we can't help liking this little tray.

Skultuna Brass Herb Pot, $75
credit: The Line

Ugh, as if she would ever grow basil in a plastic pot. C'mon.

Sarah Cihat Mini Globe Vase, $70
credit: Mociun

Everything about this vase feels to mesmerizing and special.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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