Add to Cart: A Rainbow Ashtray for Non-Smokers

Credit: Consort Design

We don't endorse smoking in any way. (After all, it will basically ruin your upholstery and walls.) But we can, however, get behind using a gorgeous ashtray as a non-smoking accent — think fancy paperweight, or spare change/hair tie receptacle.

Created by Berlin-based design company Fundamental, this alluring piece is handmade from heavy crystal, which is "then treated with a special chromatic film on the underside that exaggerates and distorts crystal's natural ability to break light into the seven rainbow colors."

Credit: Consort Design

The result is a glass bowl that feels like a magical rainbow prism — one we could spend hours marveling at.

Fundamental Regenbogen Crystal Ashtray, $96, available at Consort.

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