The Hunker Holiday Guide to Gifting

The best gifts are an expression of our regard for the recipient: a way to show someone how well we know their taste, their personality, and their interests.

And so, for Hunker's first-ever holiday, we've chosen to spotlight some of our favorite items across a range of different purveyors and passion points (as well as prices). They all, however, share something important in common: good design worthy of thoughtful presentation. Check out what's topping our list this season, and feel free to add them to yours.

terracotta coasters

Terracotta Table Tiles, $18 | Bower for Areaware

Trust us, you will spend hours marveling at the many geometric illusions you can create with these tiles. Otherwise, yes, these are coasters.

Bell Trio Wall Hanging, $75 | Katherine Moes

Each of these stoneware bell sets are one of a kind, so scoop up what's available on Katherine Moes's Etsy shop while you can!

Worry Beads, starting at $100 | Fredericks and Mae

Don't worry, bead happy: Inspired by traditional Greek worry beads, Fredericks and Mae's strands of wood beads are punctuated by horsehair tassels. The oversized design makes them perfect for unexpected wall hangings.

brass hooks

Gold J Hooks, $4 | Land of Nod

Everyone could use a little extra organization in their lives. Some gold hooks makes sure they do it in style.

wine tumblers

Dearborn Wine Glasses, $70 | Fferrone

Classic crystal gets a modern update with Fferrone's "Dearborn" stemless glasses. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, they're distinguished by their unexpected interior scalloped design.

cook book

Dining In by Alison Roman, $15 | Penguin Random House

Alison Roman's shockingly affordable cookbook offers recipes that are somehow both attainable and elevated — her food is all about fresh ingredients and the right seasoning. Roman's ideas are also vegetable heavy, so this book works for the couple who is half-veg, half-carnivore.

vintage Christmas ornaments

Vintage Ornaments, $24-$120 | This That and Christmas

If you're going to do Christmas right, you need something timeless. Which is why we love gifting vintage ornaments.

stained glass hanging

Iridescent Mountain Range Hanging, $54 | Janel Foo Glassworks

Handmade in Los Angeles, Janel Foo's mountain hanging is the perfect thing to bring some warmth and sparkle to a room.

Untitled by Francois-Henri Galland, $155 | Limited by Saatchi Art

This gorgeous, limited edition print is perfect for the love of your life. Or the person you want to be the love of your life. Wink, wink

Brass Candle Holder, $45 | Ferm Living

Danish design company Ferm Living's brass candle holder is a balancing act — the ball acts as a counterweight to the base, creating a poised and delicate accessory. (The arc also acts as a handle in case you want to use it to creepily walk through a dark hallway.)

organic towels

The Graces Towel Set, $72 | The Graces

Good towels make great gifts. The Graces offers beautiful, simple design in ultra-absorbent organic cotton.

room scent

Room Diffuser (Coco Coco), $70 | Coqui Coqui

Coqui Coqui is a luxury hotel and spa with a handful of outposts across the Yucatan peninsula. Each location has its own style and theme. (The Merida location, for example, is set in an aging Belle Époque building.) To create an entire experience, Coqui Coqui also boasts a perfumeria, where they create scents inspired by their residences. Our pick: Coco Coco, a thick, beachy fragrance dripping in coconut.


Large Gentleman's Knife, $120 | Shun Higo Nokami

From one of Japan's legacy brands, this pocket knife is the type of utilitarian object perfect for the handy gentleman or gentlelady in your life — but it also looks great poised on top of a stack of books.

brass watering can

Brass Watering Can, $55 | Mur

Know someone obsessed with their plants? Offer up this sleek watering can: The unique design filters water through the handle and out the spout.

Face Vase, price upon request | Wren Ceramics

Crafted in Ojai, this Wren Ceramics face vase is the type of intriguing conversation piece that needs a special space on a table or in a kitchen. Go ahead, give this guy a name.

Vintage Ceramic Vase, $20-$60 | Helokal

For reasonably priced vintage ceramics, head to Helokal, a Swiss Etsy shop that sources all types of beautiful midcentury wares.

match striker

White Ceramic Match Striker, $65 | Kat and Roger

This L.A.-based ceramics duo is one of our favorites. Each piece is hand-thrown and hand-painted and the result is always something with the most pleasing aesthetics and textures. While this match striker isn't, shall we say, a household necessity, it is the type of unusual detail that can bring a room together.


Photography: Rickett and Sones

Art Direction: Paul Anderson & Brooke Wolin

Words: Leonora Epstein