15 Gift Ideas for the Artsy, Creative Person in Your Life

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'Tis the season: the time to wonder if the gift you bought that one creative friend could possibly measure up to their level of cool. How do you buy a good present for someone who makes art?

We spent some time scouring the interweb and our favorite retailers for some ideas. Behold: a gift guide for the imaginative person in your life, whether they're a visual artist or just a really frickin' creative person.


1. East Fork Big Sky Oval Loop Vase, $140

The makers at East Fork create all of their ceramic pieces in North Carolina using local materials. The brand's attention to material and color have made it a cult favorite (like, this mug literally had a 1,000-person waitlist). And co-founder Alex Matisse just so happens to be Henri Matisse's great-grandson, so that's always a cool fact to bring up at dinner parties.


2. Yayoi Kusama Snow Globe, $180

Tired: snow globes that feature the same old landscape. Wired: artsy snow globes, like this Yayoi Kusama one featuring a pumpkin in her signature style. Each time you shake the globe, you feel a little more inspired.


3. Blackcard Playing Cards, $9.95

Give your artistic friends an excuse to take a break and play a little solitaire. These all-black playing cards feel classy in a Mad Men way but could also make a great addition to a playfully messy coffee table.


4. DOIY Design Xeria Table Mirror, $45.49

Surely your creative friends don't settle for run-of-the-mill mirrors, so get them a small statement one instead. This DOIY Design number feels unique and creative — and would make a great prop for photos.


5. Sunbeam Candles Inc. Venus de Wellendorf Candle, $18

Take a trip into art history with this candle in the form of the Venus of Wellendorf, the statue made around 30,000 years ago. Sure to be a conversation starter and a reminder that the itch to create dates back to forever ago.


6. Sol LeWitt Cake/Cheese Platter, $280

Dinner parties look even better if you use artsy plates like this Sol LeWitt cake/cheese platter, modeled after the minimalist artist's work. Plus you can color-code each snack for the evening.


7. btw Ceramics Wacky Pitcher, $210

This might look confusing in an art studio, where it might blend in with other paint-splattered objects. Nonetheless, it's a good reminder to stay hydrated, even in the midst of feverishly creating.

8. Areaware Goober Candle, $24

Just a delightfully strange candle to make the creative person in your life smile. And it also vaguely reminds us of a Kenneth Price sculpture.

9. Frank Kerdil Mondri Vase, $100

This Mondrian-esque vase is sure to keep your flowers (real or fake) looking chic. Also perfect for storing art supplies when the space gets too messy.

10. Roar + Rabbit™ Refracted Throw, $79

This delightful color block blanket comes from West Elm's collaboration with Philadelphia-based design firm Roar + Rabbit, aka designers Mitzie Wong and Wendy Wurtzburger. Perfect for those chillier nights, or naps in between bursts of creativity.

11. Atelier Stella Double Face Vase (Small), $32

Something about this two-faced vase strikes us as surreal, in the best way possible. We love the idea of using it for dried flowers or just as a standalone decor item.

12. Mickalene Thomas Puzzle, $28

Encourage an artsy brain break with this Mickalene Thomas-themed puzzle. Great for hanging on the wall after you finish it, too.

13. O-M Ceramic Black Dots Mug, $54

This mug can hopefully remind your artsy friend which mug houses the dirty paint water and which one holds the coffee. Los Angeles-based O-M Ceramic is the brainchild of ceramicist and artist Carrie Lau.

14. IKEA Slipsten Wall Clock, $12.99

Slightly moody but with a pop of color here and there, this IKEA clock feels like the Scandi-cool addition a creative home might be missing. And it's a more pleasing way of watching the time go by as you procrastinate.

15. TramaiCeramics Hedgehog Brush Rest, $29.50

This pick falls somewhere between the genius and downright adorable categories. A hedgehog-shaped brush rest always come in handy, right?

16. Dusen Dusen Throw Pillow Case, $64

This Dusen Dusen pillow case is modern decor with an Op Art twist. It also personifies the mood you get in when that creative block hits.