10 Abstract Art-Inspired Rugs for Your Floor or Your Wall

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Gone are the days where rugs served the mere practical purpose of warming bare hardwood or played second fiddle to more expressive furniture and decor. Now, the options for floor textiles are so stunning, it's tempting to make them the centerpiece of every room. Abstract art-inspired rugs — featuring asymmetrical and graphic shapes with the occasional pop of bright color — are having a particularly drool-worthy moment. Here are 10 that are so pretty, you might want to hang them on your wall instead.


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  1. West Elm Christopher Wynter Abstract Circle Rug, starting at $279

2. Anthropologie Abstracted Terrazzo Rug, starting at $598

3. Anthropologie Tufted Sonora Rug, starting at $198

4. Cold Picnic Salt Flats Rug, $1,210

5. Minna Home Symmetrical Mess Rug, starting at $275

6. Arro Home Sunset Rug, $549

7. Rug Society Simba Rug, price upon request


8. Rug Society Prisma Rug, price upon request

9. Catherine MacGruer x Floor Story Court Rug, $2,038

10. Studio Proba Rug, $765


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